Lagos to implement urban development law

The Lagos State Government has expressed its preparedness to implement the provisions of the state Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law 2010.

The Law, according to a statement by the state Commissioner of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Anitowooshe Abiola, prohibits building under the centre line of overhead high tension electricity wires.

The statement also quoted the commissioner as saying that the law states in clear terms that the state expresses zero tolerance for all structures and properties built under high tension cables across the state.

The law also specied equivocally, the distance to be maintained between a property and a public utility such as Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) High Tension Cables.

Abiola, also a town planner, observed with dismay the flagrant disobedience of building regulations in the state, expressing the state resolve to ensure that all structures contravening the law shall be removed, to which property owners have been given a seven-day ultimatum to vacate buildings on the right of way of High Tension Electricity Cable.

The statement quoted him, saying, “Building on the Right of Way (ROW) of High Tension Electricity Cables are dangerous, illegal and a source of serious concern to the state. Government, having residential buildings or conducting business under High Tension Power lines constitute a danger to lives and properties that could have fatal consequences”.

Furthermore, he said, “the state Government, through its relevant ministries and agencies would henceforth, enforce, applicable law strictly by removing all development and activities encroaching on the ROW of utilities and services”.

He continued, “the required setback for buildings from the centre-line overhead wires and horizontal distance between such buildings of not less than six metres for 11KV wire lines, while nine metres is the recommended distance for 33KV wire lines”.

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