West African Gaming Expo 2016 To Hold In Lagos

West African Gaming Expo 2016 (WAGE 16) is the first and only technology conference and exhibition in West Africa focusing on animation, video, mobile games and related products.

WAGE 16, is scheduled to take place in Lagos State Nigeria on 9 November, 2016. According to the organisers of the event, the 3 day event will consist of a 2 day game development training which will be held in locations across Lagos State and a 1 day Conference and Exhibition.

The WAGE 16 conference aims to educate attendees on steps they need to take to be successful in the global gaming industry, tools and resources available to developers working in the region and create a networking atmosphere where potential game developers can learn and meet the experts.

Participants interested in taking part in WAGE 16 Conference will have the opportunity to connect with the best, brightest, and most innovative professionals in the interactive entertainment industry. Leading-edge companies, groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products will be showcased.

WAGE 16 is only open to attendees above the age of 17+

Interested participants can log on to WAGE website for more information.