History On Eko To Hit Cinemas

As part of the Lagos at 50 anniversary, a new movie titled Eko: Iwure Olofin, is to be premiered in Shell Hall, Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos. The historical movie is the first of a trilogy chronicling the inception and development of Lagos. It will be screened by 2:30pm on Saturday.

The movie was initially commissioned in 1983 by one of the former governors of Lagos State, Lateef Jakande. Olumagbon Films called the shots, but two episodes into production, the studio got burnt, destroying all the materials.

Speaking with reporters, the movie’s executive producer, Fola Onifade, said it is about the history and heritage of Lagos. He said: “It tells the story of Olofin, a young, brave prince from Ile-Ife, who left Ife to found Lagos. It details all the intrigues that followed the journey; how he stopped at Isheri then settled at Iddo; how the Benin royalty came to fight with Olofin; and how King Ado came to be crowned as the first king of Lagos.”

According to Onifade, the movie is expected to contribute extensively to existing literature on the history of Lagos. “The issue of Lagos being no man’s land is wrong. This movie will set that straight. There are people who actually own Lagos. Some people don’t have other villages they go to. Lagos is their village and it is all they have. So it is not right to have your own village somewhere in another state, come to Lagos, and start calling it no man’s land.”

He noted that the movie was of such appositeness that the government should support it. “No one wants to forget where they come from. In other countries, they want their stories to be told. However, in Nigeria, history is not even being taught anymore in schools. How do we expect generations coming to know who they are and what their values are? This was why we decided to shoot this film; to document this history and leave something for our children to fall back on. It will surprise you to find that some people, as old as they are, don’t know about the story of Lagos,” he added.

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