Eid-el-Kabir: Exercise reasonable care, LASG advises drivers

The Lagos State Government has urged motorists to exercise reasonable care to protect their passengers during their travels during the Eid-el-Kabir celebrations to avoid loss of lives.

Dropping the charge in a press statement yesterday, the Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Dayo Mobereola, said the advice becomes even more pertinent in the ‘Ember months’ noted for heightened commuting.

He observed that motorists needed to exercise reasonable care to protect those in their care as the ‘Ember months’ is a period associated with accidents and incidents on the roads and it is necessary to further ask motorists to “observe the regulations”.

He said: “We must call on those involved in public transportation, drivers, unions and private individuals to join hands with the state government and keep accidents off our roads. Do not drink and drive or drive and drink, do not over speed/observe speed limit, do not overload your vehicles, limit the per day trips to very reasonable levels, keep within your human limits, ensure vehicle are properly maintained, acknowledge the rights of other road users while passengers should not hassle the driver into driving fasters.”

He said while the state government continues its campaign to ensure safer roads, it is imperative that it is the observance of the laws, regulations and rules of traffic that will ensure safety. It is the decision of one driver to drive carefully that will prove safety on the roads.

“At the season of Eid-el-Kabir with its emphasis on obedience, we wish to urge Nigerians not to be the ‘rains’ of ‘ember months’ but to live to build a future that their family and loved ones look forward to,” Mobereola said.

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