PickaBottlePickaNylon – A Ecofriendly Lagos is Possible!

Take a look around you, can you see PET bottles and nylon litters within your surrounding? Now, this is the cause of flooding in Lagos. We can make flooding a thing of the past by making a conscious and collective effort to get rid of bottle and Nylon liters.

Lagos has an estimated population of 21 million. Therefore, If you, I and other residents of Lagos bend down to pick a bottle and nylon (# PickaBottlePickaNylon) at this moment, we would have reduced the Bottle and Nylon littering every nook and cranny in Lagos by a count of 21 million, if this is sustained over a period of one month, Lagos will be clean, the drainage’s will be clear and flooding will be a thing of the past.

Ekocitymagazine.com, a 100% Lagos focused portal seeks the partnership of all well-meaning Lagosians, Corporate bodies and Government agencies to join her in # PickaBottlePickaNylon initiative, it is aimed at creating an ecofriendly and flood free Lagos.

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For enquiry Contact:


Abiodun – 07030821159
Babatunde – 08038844269
Jide – 08069461442