What is working for Ambode?

What is working for Ambode?
The once dark and dared streets now alive and revel
The light up project worked the magic and now we marvel
114 local roads awarded and commissioned in one year
Roads once crowned with potholes and erosion now smooth everywhere

What is working for Ambode?
Ojota axis of Ikorodu road rescued from deadly hit and runs
A feat achieved by mesh wire borders and ingenious  partitions
The once soaring crime rate tremendously subdued
Patrol vehicles sighted at every street and adjoining neighbourhood

What is working for Ambode?
Cabinet members well learned and vastly read
With right qualifications obtained and the call to serve ready to heed
Regular retreats and progressive town hall meetings bearing positive fruits
Stewardship account rendered and feedbacks perfectly in line with pursuits

What is working for Ambode?
Constant and unscheduled visits to work sites
Keeping contractors on toes and projects completed without plights
Some say he wants to erase and outdo Fashola’s record
But should that be the case,  Lagos still in one accord

What is working for Ambode?
It is audible to the deaf and clearly visible to the blind
That the Lagos of now is an improvement from the previous kind
And we can all unanimously agree from our own different abodes
That something is definitely working for Ambode

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