Lagos Govt tasks civil servants on discipline, teamwork

The Lagos State Commissioner for Establishment, Training and Pension, Dr. Benson Akintola Oke has harped on the need for civil servants in the State to embrace discipline, resilience, and common interest to maximize goals.

The Commissioner, who spoke at the opening session of a Two-Day workshop organized by the Ministry for civil servants in the State tagged: “Leadership Success through Synergy: Maximizing Performance in Public Sector Management”, said “Civil servants must maximize their potentials, they must embrace discipline which is the ability to continue to work toward a goal regardless of the circumstances.”

He further advised the participants on the importance of having cordial relationship at the office and the need to work in synergy in order to achieve the workplace overall objective.

According to him, “When people share common interests, they align their individual efforts toward the same goal. More specifically, they find personal affinities that help them work together, seek opportunities to leverage each other’s talents, and measure the results of their collective efforts with respect to their common goal.”

“When people share common values, they can forge strong, long-lasting alliances. More specifically, I have found that people who share the values of humility, honesty, trust, and discipline achieve the highest synergies,” he explained.

“Synergy does not mean giving up on what we want but rather, it means joining to co-create so each is able to receive much more of what attracts them together”, the Commissioner reiterated.

Akintola-Oke further said that trust was also needed for effectiveness in leadership as it allowed for team members to check up on each other to make sure all tasks remained aligned with the common goal which leads naturally to loyalty and solidarity.

Corroborating his position, Dr. Akintola-Oke said that a good leader should not only be able to decode and identify the problems of his people but should also proffer solutions to the identified problems.

He said the government has identified the need for training and re-training of staff for increased productivity and exponential performance in the State Civil Service.

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