Nigerian Startup – Custom Mall launches, to Create 2 millions Jobs in 24 months

Custom Mall (, a platform that redefines Self-Expression has launched in Lagos, Nigeria. The founders describe it as “A Platform for Harnessing Africa’s Creative Energy for Socio-Economic Benefits.” Besides being a platform for self-expression, CustomMall is out to support and promote entrepreneurs in the creative industry.

Custom Mall allows individuals to customize and order items like T-shirt, Kitchenware, Traveling bags, Chocolate, Throw Pillows, Jersey, notepads, complimentary cards and even cakes in surprisingly easy steps.  Customers also have the unique opportunity of previewing the end product as soon as they are done adding their customization details, making CustomMall arguably the first startup to deploy this revolutionary technology across all product categories in Nigeria.

Hence, CustomMall is beneficial to all – millions of Nigerians who crave to have personalized products and who want to add value to their everyday products; thousands of celebrants around the country who seek better ways to get their souvenirs and gifts sorted; thousands of Nigerian SMEs and companies that crave better branding services; and the millions of creative entrepreneurs who stand to gain massively by partnering with Custom Mall.

Custom shirt ordered from Custom mall
Custom Shirt order from

The opportunities for making revenue on Custom Mall include:

  1. Co-designing of Products: Graphic Artistes, Fashion Designers and individuals with trendy and unique designs are invited to share their ideas with CustomMall by sending them to The designs are then reviewed and evaluated by the CustomMall Products & Designs Team.

If the design is approved and attached to a product which is listed on the CustomMall platform, the designer earns 5% on every sale made on the product -a lifetime income stream! This has been tagged “Design Once, Earn for a Lifetime”. As soon as a design is approved, a CustomMall representative gets in touch with the designer and shares a link of the product with the designer. For example, if a Designer has his design approved and listed on the platform to be sold for NGN 2,000, he/she would earn NGN 100 each time the product is sold; this amounts to NGN 100,000 when the product sells 1000 times.

  1. Co-Creating, Showcasing and Distribution of Products: CustomMall is typically built for Creative Entrepreneurs – Fashion designers, Tailors, Bead makers, Aso Oke embroiders, illustrators, Ankara Craft makers, Cake bakers etc. Individuals and organizations who make customizable products (products that enable end users choose their preference -color, size, style, pattern, name e.t.c) are encouraged to showcase and sell their products on CustomMall – If you fit in this category send samples of your products to
  1. Idea Sharing: Custom Mall encourages individuals to share out-of-the-box and unique ideas with them via, in an event that the idea is adopted; the idea pitcher earns a royalty from CustomMall.
  1. Product Supply: Vendors who stock quality customizable items at competitive rates are encouraged to partner with CustomMall. Indicate interest by sending a mail to
  1. Service Providers: This category refers to individuals and organizations that provide customization services e.g. printing on shirts, bags, embroidery services, engraving services etc. CustomMall invites individuals in this category to share samples of their works via
Eko at 50 Souvenir order from Custom Mall
Lagos @50 Souvenir ordered from Custom Mall

In collaborating with Creatives, CustomMall provides value-added and support services to individuals and businesses that do not have the means of taking quality images of their products. They also promote them on their platform and social media channels. CustomMall holds a great promise for creative African entrepreneurs.

Armed with a road map for training, internships and scholarships programs for the creative industry, CustomMall is poised to creating 2 million jobs within the next 24 months.

Share this opportunity with your loved ones and the creative people you know.

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