Scrabble to be part of Lagos schools’ curriculum

The Technical Director of the Lagos State Scrabble Association, Adetona Odukomaiya, has said plans were underway to add scrabble to schools’ curriculum in the state.

Odukomaiya , who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recently, said the association had been working closely with the State Ministry of Education to ensure its implementation.

“We have introduced scrabble as a game in all schools in Lagos state. We are now adding scrabble to the schools’ curriculum in the state.

“We have coaches who go into the schools to train the students every day. Scrabble is all about English Language and introducing it will increase the vocabulary of the students.

“It will also make them much more aware of English words and help them in their final result in English language in WAEC examinations and others.

“It is also going to open up the students to the advantage of playing scrabble, such as getting scholarships,’’ he said.

Odukomaiya described the state as the hub of scrabble in Nigeria, adding that the state was working hard to produce the next world champion.

He expressed hope that the Lagos Classic would be held later this year or in 2018.

Lagos State won the 2017 Asaph Zadok National Scrabble Championship.

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