Jide Salu:Help my Friend Tolu Ojutiku Fight His Kidney Battle.


I spoke with him about three and a half weeks ago. Whenever we get to speak, we kick off from where we left it. He is a friend. Many people call him Tolu, some ‘Mr. T’, others ‘Mr. Tolu’. Most times, if I want to be nutty, I call him by his full name ‘Tolulope’.

Let me tell you a bit about my friend, whom many, upon reading this will be aghast. Tolu is a naturally brainy guy. There is no topic that is far-fetched for him. He is bubbly, funny and, wait for it – an EXTREMELY GENEROUS human being. He is one of a few people that I have ever met that I can label generous to a fault. Literally, he has put his life on the line for loads of people in various situations. You just need to have met him, and there he goes with his banter.

He is equally good at covering up his troubles. It is, for this reason, I am only getting to know of his serious medical predicament.

Basically, Tolu needs my help. He needs the help of his friends. He also needs your help, your compassion if my friend happens to be a complete stranger to you.

Tolu, wouldn’t tell you (yes, he is prayerful) that he is scared. Who wouldn’t be after been diagnosed with DAMAGED KIDNEYS?

Having done a lot of research, Tolu found there are incredible breakthroughs in treating Damaged Kidneys in China. Incredible stories have emerged on the alternative methods of treatments, which is already producing unbelievable and heart-warming results.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital, a clinic that specialists in the treatment of Kidneys is leading the way.


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