Nigeria Young Billionaire Sujimoto in Search for a wife

Billionaire Sujimoto looks for a wife, promises her house in Banana Island and Rolls Royce

Sijibomi Ogundele has revealed what would be given to his future wife – He said he would be crowning her with a house in Banana Island and a Rolls Royce – He made this known as he searches for his life partner this Nigerian man  has revealed his innermost desire to get married before Christmas. The young billionaire took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts on getting married and what his future wife tends to gain from the union. According to him, he would be giving the lucky woman a house in Banana Island along with a Rolls Royce. This event would unfold before Christmas if he gets to meet the lucky woman in good time. He threw the challenge open for all as he asked his fans and friends to drop their comments and state their opinions. He asked them if they wanted to be crowned or end up being a ‘crowner’ too.  the billionaire who is ready to change the life of his future wife. Source: Instagram, Sujimoto. This outburst of his made his page get filled with all sorts of prayers and requests as ladies asked him to check his DM while others left their comments openly. Interestingly, many of the ladies became humble as they fought for his attention. Many addressed him using ‘sir’ while some asked him to keep the car and the house as they are basically in search of true love.

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