Resignation of President Jacob Zuma and Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailmarian : A Paradigm Shift in African Democracy

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Just like the “Arab Spring”, which started in Tunisia and subsequently spread to other states in Middle East. It does appear that we are having a peaceful/political revolution across African states.Yes, there is now a paradigm shift in what said to be * a sit tight syndrome* in African Leadership. The consciousness of enthronement of a true Democracy has been reawakened across African States. Firstly, it started in Gambia, Zimbabwe and most recently South Africa and Ethiopia respectively.

While ANC( African National Congress) had succeeded in pressurising Jacob Zuma,the embattled president of South Africa to step down. The Ethiopian prime minister( Hailemarian) resigned, following a demonstration against political restrictions and Human Rights abuses.

Hundreds of people have died in a wave of violence across Ethiopia. Kudos to Ethiopians whom through their protest and demonstration sent a strong signal to Hailemarian that it was time to enthrone a true democracy in Africa.

Undoubtedly, Hailemariam is indeed a great Democrat for willingly relinquishing Power so as to restore peace and normalcy in the polity. It is unprecedented, yes, it is a paradigm shift in African leadership style

I, for one, can say that in the spirit of patriotism, Hailemarian willingly resigned to widen democratic space in Ethiopia… This is a paradigm shift in African leadership style.


On the part of South Africa, the resignations of Jacob Zuma is an end to an era. An end to era of corruption allegation after another, an end to era of division, infighting among ANC members and most importantly an end to era of public disgruntlement…

No doubt, the resignation has provided certainty to the people of South Africa and by extension Africans in is a renewed hope for South Africa.

LESSONS: Yes, of a truth, the prime minister of Ethiopia reasoned above selfish and parochial interest to resign so as to broker political peace… Then the question that has been agitating my mind is, is it something feasible in Nigeria and other African States?

The wave of Peaceful/political revolution is underway across Africa…It has started in Gambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ethiopia…This should be a wake up call for Nigeria and other African States.

This is the time for Nigerians to proactively flush out those non performing and greedy elements out of the corridors of power both at the central, regional and local levels.

Political consciousness is contagious. The effect of the 1966 coup in Nigeria militated the coup in Ghana. The revolutionary wave is sweeping across the African continent. Democracy as a disciple of social justice where the will of the people reigns supreme is garnering momentum.

Where’s the giant of Africa in this epoch political change. Have you gotten your Permanent Voters Card? If no, what’s your arsenal?


With the revolutionary wave, with your PVC, we can right the plethora wrongs of our dear country.

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