APC (PNI )ETI-OSA Elders Reconciled Hon Babajide Akinloye with Babajide Ibrahim Obanikoro

By Abiodun Fawumi

The All progressive Congress (APC) Eti-OSA Constituency held a caucus parley to reconcile the warring and jarring members erupting from the fall out of the Federal House of Representatives Primaries on October 5, 2018 between the incumbent house member Babajide Akinloye and Babajide Obanikoro.

However controversy which is an inalienable reoccurring decimal in a democratic election of sort had the political space rented with Babajide Akinloye won but was swap for Obanikoro. This caused supporters of Hon. Akinloye to war with supporters of Obanikoro.

Supporters of Hon. Akinloye in reaction to their perceived injustice pledged not to support Babajide Obanikoro in the forthcoming election. The party through her reconciliatory body called the jarring contestants together as one family to build Bridges and reconcile the contestants and their supporters in order to actualize the consolation and maintainance of the House of Representatives seat by APC in the constituency.

The Chiarman of PNI ( progressive network initiative) Rilwan Alesinloye stated that the electorate are not the one that complete the job but the people that counted the vote did the justice  and he however urge everyone to remain calm and take it with good faith as one family.

If we fail to get our house together, the opposition party will capitalize on our division to win and as such we have to bury our differences and move towards delivering our great party in the coming election, he added.

Thi is why this caucus reconciliation meeting is  imperative and advice the DG of Babjide CAMPAIGN Organization John Campos to restructure the workforce and incorporate the supporters from Hon Jide Akinloye to Babajide Obanikoro CAMPAIGN team.

Babajide obanikoro promised to extend his hands of fellowship with Hon. Akinloye and every member of the party to actualize our common goals. He also  thanked all the elders , the youth and the gentle men of the press who honored the reconciliatory meeting. He charged  members to campaign and sensitize electorates  assidously to vote for APC on 16 February, 2019 and other political positions.

I, consulted Kadeco ,two others and  Babajide Akinloye of his intention to contest before he decided to come out for the primary ,its not out of disrespect to the incubent  but it’s a call to serve the people of Eti-Osa and urge everyone that he will do all he can to support the youth in term of empowerment and employment, he will also pass a law in the area of health and infrastructural development to boast the health infrastructure in Eti-Osa, he promised.

I will also be accessible to the people of ETI-OSA because he’s on a call to serve, Obanikoro added.

In moving the party forward, Hon. Banajide Akinloye said he will do all he can to give his support and ensure that APC came out victorious during the election and urged all the youths to come out in mass to support Jide Obanikoro.

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