Nigerians Reacts to INEC’s Declaration of Six States Gubernatorial Election inconclusive.

Nigerians have expressed their grief and dissatisfaction towards the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC’s conduct in the Gubernatorial Election — the most recent being the declaration of elections in 6 states inconclusive.

It is imperative to state the INEC Regulations and Guidelines, highlighting electoral scenario that premeditate inconclusive process.

In page 17 paragraph C of the Regulations and Guidelines for the Conduct of Elections on the margin of lead principle state that where the margin of lead between the two leading candidates in an election is not in excess of the total number of voters registered in polling units where elections are not counted or voided, in line with Section 26 and 53 of Electoral Act, the Returning officer shall decline to make a return until votes have taken place in the affected polling units and the results collated in to the relevant forms for declaration and return.

“This is the margin of lead principle and shall apply wherever necessary in making returns in all elections to which this Regulations and Guidelines apply.”

Mr. Deji Adeyanju Tcee took to his Twitter page where he Tweeted:

“If Adamawa State Gubernatorial Election is declared inconclusive because the cancelled votes is more than the difference between the winner and the first runner. Then the presidential election too should be declared inconclusive.


Isreal Ugochukwu on his Twitter page tweeted:

“We must also reject any form of ‘Osunisation’ of the inconclusive Nigeria Decides 2019 Elections. Don’t ‘Osunise Kano’ and other States where rerun may take place.

Eddy Talent tweeted:

John Danfulani also Tweeted:


Muhammad Bello Saidu tweeted that the new meaning of INEC is ‘Inconclusive Electoral Commission.’



However, the electoral body, INEC have announced March 23, 2019 as supplementary polls in the six states declared inconclusive.

The six states in which the governorship elections were declared inconclusive are: Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Kano, Plateau, and Sokoto.


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