Social Media Tour: The Itafaji Lagos Island Building

The world extends her condolences to
Lagos State as well as the families and friends of the deceased of the collapsed building in Lagos. The President of Nigeria also shared his thoughts and prayers via twitter using his official Twitter handle  @MBuhari

“I’m extremely saddened by the news of collapsed building in Itafaji area of Lagos. It touches one to lose precious lives in any kind of mishap, particularly those so young and tender. May God grant everyone affected by this sad incident fortitude and succour.”

However, there are lots of comments by Nigerians registering their dissatisfaction and opinions towards this avoidable menace. They, including the president of Nigeria, vented out their views on Twitter.


There are some who tweeted that the collapsed Itafaji Lagos building, which also had a school on the second and third floors, had been marked more than once for demolition by the authorities.



It is to be noted that most of the victims were children of the Itafaji Nursery and Primary School situated within the collapsed building. Most, especially parents, expressed their fears towards their own children.

Alliance For New Nigeria Presidential aspirant, Fela Durotoye (@feladurotoye), tweeted:


Emeka Uduma (@IAmMrMeks) and Effa (@EffaEkun) tweeted:



The only positive begotten from this unfortunate happening is people’s outcry for better accountability by the government and the citizenry  in general.

Tayo Ekundayo-Ojo (@Tyedayo2) and Yemi Adeyemi (@Dr_YemiAdeyemi) tweeted:




Emphasizing on how some citizens are putting the rest of the society in harm’s way, Aerix Safety (@aerixsafety) tweeted with a photo:



Expressing his fears in the increase in mortality rate resulting from multiple collapsed buildings, Engineer Damola (@theDamorela) tweeted:



Adeda (@tosinadeda) advised Nigerians to consider the reasons behind government policies before protesting against the policy or orders


Some advocates have rallied together to form a pressure group with the major objective of charging the government to reform building regulations on the Lagos Island. One of them, Femi Azubuike (@fazubuike) tweeted:



In order to enable quick treatments and recovery of the victims, Nigerians showed support by donating blood.


We pray for the quick recovery of the victims and hope that the government heed to the people they govern.


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