Nigerian Primary school girl sent out from school because of non payment of tuition fees

SOCIAL MEDIA TOUR: Nigerian  Primary school girl sent out from school because of non payment of tuition fees

The video of a very stoic and charming confident Primary school girl made round of social media yesterday where she was lamenting on why the teacher should send her home instead of flogging her so she can be in school to learn.

Nigerians on Social Media has registered their dissatisfaction towards the development and called out on the government to do the needful while others also narrated their similar experience during their primary or secondary school time.

Dr. Dipo took to his Twitter handle @OgbeniDipo where he tweeted against pupils been flogged and school for non payment of tuition fee and stressed that Basic education should be free.

Juliet ‘Kego @julietkego tweeted “Quality/Accessible/Equitable/Inclusive Education is a Fundamental Human Right.

Many used the opportunity to narrate how they were flogged for same reason during their primary/secondary school time.

Daniells @Arcdaniells and F.M @FyneMarket replied Dr. Dipo’s tweet on flogging students for non payment of tuition fees.

Social media has become a messiah to many as well meaning Nigerians took turns to search for the parents of the bold primary school girl who was sent out of school.

Tunji Andrews took to his Twitter handle @Tunji Andrews enjoined with other Nigerians tweeted to help find her family as she will be one less child out of school if we find her.

Add Tunji Andrews tweet

Dayo who Tweeted the video of the school girl @_iBarely Tweet provided the girls mom phone number for people who wants to help in ensuring that the poor girl returns back to school.

Olaudah Equiano @RealOlaudah confirmed that the information provided about the school girls mom, Mummy Success is correct.

Feran the beloved @Feranmi_4aces , didi @domicandi , BAYO WYT THE D. @Tha_Makavelli, chi-chi @Chinwe68, CH U KA @kalchuka, The Governor M.D @price32, Samuel Dike @SamuelDike1 replied to Dayo’s tweet @_iBarelyTweet to express their emotions and opinions towards the poor girls plight .

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