The long awaited Big Brother Naija is back again with a BANG!! Guess what the theme is? #PepperThem. The housemates are sure about to pepper us with their vibes. Can’t wait!

   The opening ceremony yesterday was packed with a lot of celebrities like Teni(fine babe, her recent pictures got us swooning in admiration), Zlatan, Burna Boy who came alongside his parents wearing a hoodie showing the Pepsi logo, new Pepsi Ambassador alert, everybody!, and of course DJ Neptune who despite his name looks very much like a Planet Earth person amongst many others. We got to know a bit more about the housemates of BBN 2019. Opinions are still being held on whether this year is going to be fiery. As there are only 20 beds for 21 people, it’s looking like fire already! We’re about to find out.

 Let’s get to know the 21 housemates, shall we…

Avala: revealing to the world that she has a five year old daughter currently with her mother, awwww, she’s a singer who studied music and business at York College in  Queens, New York. She’s not single so remove your eyes.

Kimophra: she’s a brilliant, single and very available woman who is here both for the experience and the money which will be used to invest and further her education. She has just her mom now because her dad’s late, unfortunately.

Diane: A 23 year old from Kaduna who like many of us loves dancing but is terrible at it.

Ella: she’s definitely not a newcomer to the show biz. A runner up of a popular music talent show, an actress, model, voice over artist and TV presenter, she apparently doesn’t like to wear clothes.

Esther: Here’s an upholder of the law, people. Yes, she’s a lawyer who’s here for the money, the fun, and the experience.

Ike: Ike is 26 and a model. Expect a whole lot of drama and trouble from him. He is also very single so ladies y’all are free to feast your eyes on him.

Gedoni: Doesn’t this name feel like silk in the mouth? So smooth to pronounce. He is a fashion entrepreneur so why won’t his name feel like silk. A man of many talents, he loves basketball, soccer, taking walks and cleaning the house. He’s a keeper, ladies. He also draws portraits in pencil and writes poetry. He’s 31 and from Cross River state.

Isilomo: A 27 year old beautiful woman with short cropped hair, she is from Edo state and ready to blow us out of our minds.

Jackye: having a uniquely spelt name is a plus for dazzling 23 year old Jackye from Anambra. Telling us straight up that she’s in a relationship, she also says she is a chameleon. Hmm, wonder how that will play out.

Jeff: 30, not married, handsome and well composed, Jeff is a total 6 course meal. He has told us simply that he came to look for the female’s trouble. They probably wouldn’t mind.

Khafi: Watch out for this strong woman. She is a police officer, so her fellow housemates better be careful. She might have a pair of handcuffs ready. Her goal is to win the money and invest in the societal good of the country.

Mercy: She’s a video vixen and business woman. At 26, she loves cooking, dancing, traveling, and swimming. Probably won’t have mercy on y’all.

Mike Edwards: Already trending both for his looks and his gorgeous wife who is a professional athlete, Mike is an athlete, CEO and owner of the first Black owned cigar line in the UK. His pictures are dripping! But his wife is the highlight of his life, so you dare not go there.

Nelson: No relation to the great Nelson Mandela, he is 26 from Rivers, a masseuse and a Past Mr Universe Nigeria.

Omashola: From Delta, Omashola is a model and Entrepreneur. He can’t swim but loves being in the water, after all, ‘Warri no dey carry last.’

Seyi: He is 30 years old and from Ogun. He is not single and not available. He is also the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo. He says he is just here to enjoy himself. Let’s see.

Sir Dee: A 28 year old banker from Kogi, his bosses don’t know he’s contesting in Big Brother 2019 and he’s here for the moneyyy!!

Tacha: Tacha, tacha. Already a trending media sensation, she is 23 from Rivers state and ready to show the world her talents and true self. She loves to mingle and is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Thelma: She is 26 from Imo state and has stated categorically that she is not single. She is here for the experience and the money.

Frodd: a guy whose name is a mix of ‘Fresh and Odd’, he must definitely have something up his sleeve. He’s 28 and from Anambra state. He’s kinda like a cool guy, we think.

Tuoyo: This young man is 24 and loves working out. Guess we’ll see a lot of his abs. He’s also a psychotherapist, a fitness trainer and part time stripper. Oooh.

That’s it, guys, the full list of Big Brother Naija Housemates. Make aure to watch the show and aa you’re watching, also concentrate on your studies or business. Hustle o make them no say na BBN no make you succeed.


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