Federal Government to abandon Ruga Project

Barely 48 hours before the planned mass action and after the public outcry against the RUGA Settlement Projects, President Muhammadu Buhari is said to have suspended the idea until further notice.

According to the president, the RUGA settlement project was an idea intended to stem the tide of confrontations between herdsmen and farmers across the nation.

But it had been misconstrued by many states and members of the public as another form of the suggested cattle colony by the federal government.

On Friday, July 5, 2019, some members of the public and civil society groups also planned mass action against the scheme in Abuja.

But a source close to the presidency on Wednesday, said that President Buhari may have resolved to suspend the scheme till further consultations.

The source said that after consultations with stakeholders, Buhari decided to postpone the idea of a thorough evaluation and a well-accepted approach to the threat posed by the continuous conflicts between herdsmen and farmers to national security.

According to the source, from now on the announcement would be made with comprehensive explanations.

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