Ruga will drive Nigeria into Chaos– Wole Soyinka

Prof. Wole Soyinka, has opposed the proposal of the federal government to establish Ruga settlements for herdsmen across the country.

Speaking at the launch of UN 17 SDG program in Lagos on Tuesday, Soyinka criticized the federal government’s idea which according to him can cause chaos in Nigeria.

According to him: “Unless treated with care, Ruga will be an explosion. But why don’t we use excellent models to adopt our strategies? This is not the way in which people and countries cope with cattle problems.

“I travel around. It must be treated in a manner that is logical, environmentally comprehensible. There’s a problem when a cattle walks up to the window of my house in Abeokuta, a house in a residential area.

“When cattle go to Ijebu Ode and eat seedlings from their plants, and so on, and you expect people keep quiet?”
He indicated that President Muhammadu Buhari’s handling of the herdsmen problem was sufficient to make him lose re-election.

“President Buhari deserved to have lost the last election because of his lackluster approach to the problem of the country’s cattle rearing.

“hundreds of people were killed just because the leadership failed at a critical time. And a sense of impunity has been provided to the cattle herders.

“They kill without guilt, they drive away the farmers who contributed to the country’s food solutions, the cattle eat their plants, and then you come up with Ruga.

“I believe that if this Ruga thing is not treated imaginatively and with humanity as a priority, there will be trouble in this nation.

“There is certainly an elementary stage in any country where cattle take precedence over human lives,” he said.

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