IRU/VI Embark on Drainage Clearing; Reconstruction of Roads within the LCDA

“Healthy living enhances the health status of a person which start with a healthy environment” this necessitate the clearing of drainages within IRU/VI LCDA led by the Executive Chairman of IRU Victoria Island, Hon.Princess Rasheedat Abiodun Adu in July 2019.

According to the Chairman, “the health status of the people is a major concern which can be achieve through clearing of drainages and ensuring proper monitoring of waste within the LCDA.

This will serve as a mechanism for achieving a healthier environment”.
Drainages will be cleaned on regular basis to avoid blockages, stagnant water and free flow of waste, which will help to curb uneccessary pollution within the environment. Hon.Adu added.

In the same vein, reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads in the community is ongoing to further enhance the development of the LCDA and will help to assist in easy access of roads within the environment.

During an inspection of one the roads under reconstruction; the failed section of Asphatic pavement along Abila Oniru road, the Chairman said that the reconstruction will help to increase the palliative measures done along the road and ensure movement without hindrance along the road.

She however urged the Engineers to hasten up with the reconstruction in order to meet the estimated time, for it to be of use to everyone in the environment.

Present at the inspection, the council Engineer, Engineer Ope attested that the construction workers are really doing well and would put more effort in the process in order to meet the estimated time.

The development of the community is a major concern which will be achieve overtime as it helps to increase the living status of the environment and make things easy and accessible to all.The Chairman, Hon. Rasheedat Abiodun Adu said.

Cleaningness is next to Godliness…… Let’s keep the environment healthy.

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