Surulere Boundary link road rehabilitation update

DAY 4: Road Rehabilitation

Today 20 July 2019

The road rehabilitation on the boundary link road between our constituency ( surulere 1) and our sister constituency (surulere 2) the kilo-masha road is ¾ completed.

The executive chairman Hon Tajudeen Ajide thanked the motorists and people of both constituents and the general public who regularly ply the route for their unreserved patience during the period of making the road a more conducive and pliable road.

The Ghandi of Surulere also plead with the immediate resident of the community to be patient just a little because the rehabilitation is in its final stages and soon we all we have a reason to be joyous.


Hon Tajudeen Ajide (Omigboro ti ti) has kept his promise to the people of the constituency and promises to do more because the government belongs to the people.

Together we will make the change we desire.

A New Surulere is Here
A Better Surulere is Here

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