Celebrating TWO Years of Stupendous Transformation and Inclusive Development in IRU/VI LCDA

………Construction of roads and building of health center, legislative arm sector
……….Taking Education sector to the next level
……….Cleaner and healthier environment
……….Security of the LCDA
……….Ensuring good health status of the LCDA
……….Presentation of Sustainable Budgets
……….Training of Junior staff
………..Receiving honorary awards for the LCDA among others

About 95% if not all of IRU Victoria Island LCDA residents will attest that Two years of stupendous transformation and inclusive development within the LCDA is worthy for celebration as the Executive Chairman of the LCDA, Hon. Princess Rasheedat Abiodun Adu exercise her duty diligently over the years.

In no doubt, the Chairman has made justice to the rehabilitation and construction of roads within the LCDA as several roads have been repaired while some are under reconstruction at the moment. This according to the chairman will help the residents have easy and convenient usage of the roads within the LCDA without any hindrance. Ajose Adeogun road, Miss road, Balarabe road, failed section of Asphatic pavement along Abila Oniru road, among other roads that are reconstructed during the years. Also construction of the legislative arm building of the LCDA can’t be overlooked as it help to foster a better administration in the community.

Education is a key for a brighter future, thus, Hon. Princess Rasheedat Abiodun Adu celebrates the star kids who emerged the best in the 2019 Spelling Bee Competition as the One day Chairman and Deputy Chairman of IRU/VI LCDA which truly is one its kind in Lagos State.

Provision of G.C.E and JAMB forms to residents of IRU/VI who wish to further their education and gifts given to the best student in G. C. E as a way of encouraging the students and pupils of the great IRU/VI LCDA in their academic pursuit. Celebration of children day in the LCDA is always an event of reminisce to the children as they receive advice from the Chairman and other executives, guest present. They enjoy themselves to maximum satisfaction. “Children day can be use as a medium to admonish the children on their usefulness in the community as they grow” The chairman said.

The healthy living status of the residents of IRU/VI is highly essential to me – the chairman said. In respect to this, the chairman ensured the construction of the new Takwa Bay health center which has helped the community since its construction. Staff health programmes, provision of ambulance, visit to the hospital among others are tremendous and continuous ways in which Hon. Princess Rasheedat Abiodun Adu has helped to transform the health sector of the IRU Victoria Island LCDA.

Looking at IRU/VI community environment, it can be seen as a community with good environmental status as the chairman embarks on clearing of drainages, proper monitoring of waste management team and provision of waste bags to market women within the environment.


Furthermore, the lives and properties of the community residents is at stake if the security is not vibrant. Hence, the chairman exhort the security officers to be dutiful and vigilant at all times. She made provision for Super Security Scanner within the council to enhance good security level.

In order to achieve a continuous good administration within the LCDA, the chairman trained the Junior staff for competency and to be more dutiful while carrying out their obligations. Also she made provision for a new revenue bus to the LCDA council as a measure of increasing and stabilizing the revenue of the council.

Remarkably, the chairman has received several honorary awards for the local government since her inception into office, it includes; Chairman of the year on works infrastructure by Asiwaju Mega Initiatives, 3rd Best Performing Chairman in Lagos State by SEGNIP, ICON of Local Government by Today’s people to mention few.

Commenting on the celebration, the chairman said ” am indeed delighted to see IRU/VI LCDA develop and transform in a positive angle. These have always been the goals to achieve and will continue to be as my administration strive harder to make IRU/VI a greater community for a greater Lagos.I extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who supports the administration towards the tremendous achievements, am indeed grateful”.

IRU/VI LCDA will experience more tremendous development as the administration continues- Hon. Princess Rasheedat Abiodun Adu

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