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Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu has signed a cooperation agreement with the National Inland Waterways Authority.

Ekocitytv observed that over the years they’ve been disagreement between NIWA and Lagos State Government over issues like multiple taxation or multiple levies, unsafe transportation on water, problems of overloading, use of lifejackets, night navigation, over speeding etc..  Which are all against the waterways transportation code

Others issues includes Revenue, right of way, waterway infrastructure  and issues of who controls what.

However, all that have been laid to rest as the Lagos State Government and NIWA have now signed a cooperation agreement.

In his statement, Mr. Sanwo-olu said:

“Today I signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of Lagos State with the National Inland Waterways Authority to promote a better working relationship thus ending a 10year legal tussle.”

“We will maximise this opportunity to accelerate investment in water transportation.”

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