Redefining grassroots governance with the delivering of real dividends of democracy is the story of Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh , an embodiment of progressive cum human-oriented governance at the grassroots.

He has not only vindicated the mandate reposed in him but also have been able to live up to the expectation in meeting the yearnings and agitations of the people towards ameliorating the plight confronting them as a government that is responsible and responsive.

The transformational cum visionary leadership administration midwifed by the populist idea of Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh has been able to put the Local Government on the verge of developmental trajectory in the area of infrastructural renewal.

Infrastructure remains the index for measuring the growth and development of every society which is the reason the development of every society is based on the quality of infrastructural edifices put in place.

The challenge of infrastructure deficit in the country at all level of government remains a watershed that government strives to provide solution always which is the reason why the state of deplorable roads in Oshodi is very germane to the current administration of the Local Government.

Oshodi no doubt is an integral part of the economic nerve centre of Lagos and also serving as the interchange that connects people to other parts of the state and the nation at large which put a heavy burden on its infrastructure due to the regular influx of users.

Towards arresting the deplorable state of inner roads within the Local Government, the pragmatic, ebullient and people-oriented administration of Hon. Ariyoh is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that Oshodi becomes a hub of good inner road network for economic reason and for the comfort of residents which is yielding the desired result with the connectivity of all major link roads within the Local Government.

Despite the astronomical increase in the cost of constructing road coupled with the paucity of fund ravaging local government, much can be said to have been done by the current administration towards making Oshodi a better place.

The state of emergency declared on Oshodi roads at the inception of Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh and mechanism put in place such as setting up a committee on infrastructure which comprises of executive members of the council and representatives of the CDC across wards has been able to yield a positive results with the construction of new roads, rehabilitation of dilapidated one, grading and resurfacing as part of palliative measures to put many roads in good state.

Some of the impact of this administration on infrastructure which is not limited to road only but with the reconstruction of drainages are

1.Re-Construction Alhaji Rafiu street Mafoluku
2.Re-surfacing of Owoseni Street
3.Re-Surfacing of Owoseni link Road
4.Re-construction of Ajenifuja Street
5.Rehabilitation of Mukandasi Street
6.Rehabilitation of Oluyeye Street
7.Re-Construction of Arowojobe road
8.Re-Construction of Oyegunwa street
9.Rehabilitation of Olowora street
10.Reconstruction of Arowosegbe street
11.Rehabilitation of Salau street
12.Reconstruction of a collapsed culvert at Baba Ode/Oluwasanmi
12.Rehabilitation of Akintunde and Kalejaiye Beesam street.
13.Re-construction of collapsed drainage at Ajisegiri street
14. Construction of drainage, road, and installation of street light at Odalume /Oluwasanmi street still ongoing ( 80% )
15.Resurfacing of Oludegun street
16.Resurfacing of ogunwemimo street
17.Rehabilitation of Salawu street
18.Reconstruction of Makinde Culvert
19.Rehabilitating of Sehinde Caslito
20. Rehabilitation of Adeyemi street

Roads graded as palliative measures to ease the movement of people across all the wards are as follow

1.Fagboola street in shogunle
2.Onikewula street in Shogunle
3.Abolaji street
4.Oshundeyi street
5.Alade street
6.Adeoye street
7.Anthony Obe street
8.Temidire Street
9.Hassan Street
10.Ogunlaja street
11.Majaro street
12.Ayoola street
13.Adisatu street
14.Allen Adekunle Street
15.Mabayoje Street
16.Alimi Oke link
17.Adedeji Street
18.Odunbankun street
19.Ilesanmi street
20.Dele Araoye Street
21.Raji Abayomi street
22.Saint Paul Street
23.Suabana street
24.Shamura street
25.Kola Adeyemo Street

Though, there are still roads in dire need of the government attention at the grassroots but with focus and determination as demonstrated by the enigmatic leadership of Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh , there is an assurance that many roads will receive the attention of the government towards achieving a better Oshodi.

Growth and development in every society become no mirage when there is purposeful leadership working towards its realization as institutionalize in Oshodi-Isolo local government.
It is not yet Uhuru but it can always be better.

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