Sowore’s Message to #RevolutionNow from DSS custody

Nigerian activist and publisher Omoyele Sowore, who was arrested on Saturday, spoke about detention.

Mr Sowore retained a spirit of defiance, according to Sahara Reporters, his media platform, when he was visited by associates in the custody of the State Security Service on Monday afternoon, two days after his detention.

“I am pleased that the peaceful #RevolutionNow protests took place, “Mr Sowore said to members of the ‘Take It Back,’ one of the many social platforms he used to champion the course for a better Nigeria.

Mr Sowore was arrested at 1 a.m. by a secret police with a reputation for ruthlessness and repressive tactics from the days of the violent dictators of Nigeria on Saturday.

Many Nigerians instantly condemned the use of state funds to crush dissent by President Muhammadu Buhari. A video of how Mr Sowore was subsequently arrested confirmed concerns that the action did not satisfy the norms of democracy.

The SSS spoke about Mr Sowore’s arrest on Sunday for the first time, but did not provide any proof to support his claims that the activist and others calling for an end to corruption, financial hardship and severe insecurity had any sinister motives behind their agitation.

Despite Mr Sowore’s arrest two days before he was planned to hit the streets with other Nigerians and the police description of their agitation as a terrorist act, on August 5th a crowd of Nigerians still went out to show in several cities.

However, they were greeted by the security forces with violence. Dozens of marchers and journalists across the nation were arrested, a development critic said that the increasing intolerance of President Buhari’s regime was subjected to dissent.

Mr Sowore used his brief chat with his comrades in the ‘ Take It Back ‘ movement to call for the instant release of all those whose constitutional rights were breached when security forces took part in a protest.

“Knowledge of the sheer number of innocent Nigerians detained for practicing their civil rights upsets me,” Mr Sowore was cited at about 6:00 p.m. as telling his visitors in custody. Monday evening.

“I join others in demanding that all those detained by police on Monday be released immediately and unconditionally,” he added.
Sahara Reporters said that Mr Sowore was in good custody and remained defiant that his arrest would not preclude agitation for better living conditions for the masses of Nigeria.

When the activist would be charged remains uncertain. The SSS did not seem to be in a rush to arraign him, although the law permitted a suspect to be arrested for only a maximum of 48 hours before being brought to trial.

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