Wrong Computation from 11 states’ caused our defeat –Atiku, PDP

In the 2019 election, the People’s Democratic Party and its presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, submitted their final written documents explaining how they were supposedly robbed from victory in the presidential election of February 23, 2019 by miscalculation in 11 states.

Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, Yobe, and Zamfara are the states, they said.

Through their lawyer, Dr. Livy Uzoukwu (SAN), the petitioners stated that a correct computation of the results would give them a lead margin of 222,332 votes over President Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressive Congress.

They stated this in their reaction to Buhari’s final address, claiming they scored 9,426,082 votes against Buhari’s 9,203,750 in the right computation.

They claimed that reports from a statistician, called as one of their witnesses pointing out faults in the outcome declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission, were not challenged by the respondents to their petition.

The petitioners said, “These reports (P90-K) are unchallenged and remained so as none of the respondents controverted the detailed analysis of unlawful votes extracted from Exhibits PNG1 – PNG3464, PYB1731, PKT1 PKT3377; PKB1 – PKB2105; PB01 – PB03471; PJG1 – PJG 3161; PGB1 – PGB 1911; PBC1 – PBC3598; PKD1 – PKD3334; PKN1 – PKN7159 and PZF1 – PZF 1000 as summarised hereunder.”

The petitioners also argued that “polling units where EC8A forms have been changed or manipulated to represent fresh votes / scores” were present.

They added that comparable mistakes were also observed on Forms EC8B (ward result sheets), adding that the collated statistics on Forms EC8A and the Forms EC8B had discrepancies.

They stated, “It is submitted that when the votes credited to the parties on the basis of various errors listed in paragraph 4.54(a) – (f) and (a) – (d), respectively, are deducted from the results declared in the 11 focal states, the figures below now represent the total legitimate votes cast in the presidential election held in Nigeria on 23 February 2019:

“Election result: PDP – 11, 262,978; APC – 15,191,847. Void votes: PDP – 1,836,896; APC -5,988,097. New result: PDP – 9,426,082; APC -9,203,750.”

By their petition, Atiku and his party had urged Justice Mohammed Garba’s five-man tribunal to declare them the winner of the February 23, 2019 poll or to annul Buhari’s election.

The petitioners raised five issues for determination in their final address submitted in response to Buhari’s, including that Buhari was neither duly elected by the majority of legitimate votes nor eligible to contest as of election period.

The respondents had previously submitted their respective final addresses through their lawyers.

The court set August 21 for the parties to adopt the final addresses.

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