The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles is to always keep to promise made.

Keeping his promise to uplift Agege community to the Next Level during his electioneering campaign, the Executive Chairman of Agege Local Government Council, Alhaji Ganiyu Kola Egunjobi (Mr. Integrity), has taken the local government area to the United States of America; in a bid to harness more potential in arts & cultural heritage for the people of Agege community has taken his quest beyond the shores of Africa.

This was contained in his recent journey to the United States of America, where the council boss seek collaboration and partnership with the Chicago Arts Institute in the United States of America to promote artworks from the local government internationally.

Egunjobi met the institute’s Deputy Director, Jon Clark, sought for the partnership with the 140 year-old museum, one of the oldest and largest in the United States when he visited its Grant Park location.

The executive chairman said the council wanted collaboration and partnership that would ensure the museum collects works of artists residents in Agege Local Government Area of Lagos State. He said that the relationship would be of mutual benefits as it would help the museum to diversify its collections, while advancing the career of artists based in the Lagos suburb and growing their (artists’) personal economies and by extension that of the council area.

“We seek collaboration and partnership whereby the Institute will be collecting works out of Agege. For both parties, it is going to be a win-win situation. “While it will enrich your collections and diversify it, it would help to put money in the pockets of our artists.

“The other benefit to us, is that it would expose our artists to massive opportunities available in their trade. “So, I am calling on you to consider our offer and give it express approval based on its merits,” Egunjobi said.

The council chief educated his host on the rich tourism potential of his community saying: “To start with, the direct English meaning of my surname is ‘Product of masquerades’, so you can start imagining. “We have a rich vein of tourism potential in Agege, being a convergence of nationals of West African countries.

“The council is determined to tap into the vast tourism sector, which is one of Africa’s largest economic drivers after agriculture and have drafted strategic plans to develop the sector as an economic opportunity and development catalyst.”

Responding, Clark said the museum was not averse to any collaboration that would enrich its collections, adding that he would discuss the offer with the appropriate quarters.

It is in high expectations that if the partnership is granted, many Agege community members, particularly, artists would have ample opportunities to flourish in their skills and boost the economy, which in turn shall benefit many other businesses providing raw materials to enhance the trade.

By this action, Agege Local Government Council Chairman, Alhaji Ganiyu Kola Egunjobi, (Mr. Integrity), has not only keep to his promise, but laying a foundation, which no one has attempted in the history of the Agege Local Government.

While we pray God to continue to lift Agege to greater heights, we pray that Alhaji Ganiyu Kola Egunjobi continues to enjoy abundant grace of God.

Egunjobi is working, Agege LG is moving forward.

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