Kotun Agboola Blasts Sanwoolu, Lagos Assembly members

I cannot Imagine the excuse of rejecting Ajayi-Bembe, one of the nominees for commissioner in Lagos state that the nominees from Lagos Island are too many.

Yet, Joe Igbokwe, claiming Ikorodu was cleared.

The assembly members should tell us how many nominees in the list are indigenes of Lagos Island in the first place?

A list of about forty nominees that has less than ten nominees as aborigines of the state.

Another indigene of Badagry, Obafemi George was also rejected.

They claimed the people of Badagry protested that he is not politically active in Badagry.

Yet, a nominee who is from Ekiti, based in South Africa, claiming slot of Mainland local government was not rejected by the people of Lagos Mainland local government of not being political active in the local government.

Prince Sanusi, an Awori man from Amuwo Odofin was also rejected on the basis of anti party at the last election.

Yet, the daughter of former PDP stalwarth and governor of Ondo state, Late Agagu, was cleared.

It is a case of looking for a bad name to hang a dog.

You cannot continue to undermine us as native of Lagos ….
The time is coming….
Very soon…. Sooner than expected.

All the thirty six state governors have all nominated their commissioners. Not one nominated a native of other states except for Lagos.

Does it mean you do not have prominent non indigenes in those states that have also contributed to its development?

This is a major excuse they give for us in Lagos to undermine us as indigenes, as if they are Alimighty God that gave Lagos Ocean and Lagoon .

The much publicised Yoruba lady that was given a slot in Kaduna as a commissioner by El-Rufai is not Yoruba, she is a native of Kaduna, but married a Yoruba man.

As for many of our fathers and brothers who are in that divide, encouraging this mess being melted on sons and daughters of Lagos descents, prosperity will not forget you and your names will be boldly written in the history book of extinction of Lagos aborigines, for generations unborn to read.

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