We don’t have budget for thugs , APC replies wadume

Gbeleyi Abayomi

Following the confessional statement of the alleged kidnap kingpin where he claimed that APC gave him 13 for presidential election, the APC has denied the allegation. In a swift reaction, thee apc said Mr Hamisu statement is a result of coming face to face with justice.

Stating further thr party said unlike the days of the PDP where such was thr order of the day, such an act won’t happen under present govt. in a statement issued on its official Twitter handle, Below is their response.

Our Reaction: It is expected that the alleged kidnapper, having come face to face with justice, would throw whatever he could lay his hands on into the fray. In any case, our party did not have budget for thugs.

Unlike the period when the ruling party dipped hands into the public treasury to fund political campaigns and elections, APC had to rely on its own resources. Even if we had all the money, we would never allocate money for kidnappers and murderers.

That era ended with @OfficialPDPNig .
Perhaps, he can name whoever gave him money. Definitely, it was not APC. From his purported confession, he claimed to be a PDP member before he went on to contest under another party.

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