I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the good people of Eti-osa for their confidence in electing me as The Executive Chairman of Eti-osa Local Government.

I am fortunate to lead along side my Vice Chairman Omooba Adeola Murphy Adetoro Adeyanju, Legislator, Executive members and the entire workforce of Eti-Osa Local Government in serving the people of Eti-Osa for the last two years.

I deeply appreciate everybody’s cooperation and exceptional commitment to Eti-osa community.

We are grateful for the dedicated workforce we have in Eti-Osa serving our grate people, with unquantifiable experience and a strong commitment to getting things done. Departments such as Environment, Works and Housing, Health, Education, Public Affairs, Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Agriculture and Social Development, Human Resources have been highly dedicated to providing high quality service to our residents.

About 2 years ago, the good people of Eti-Osa put their trust in us through their votes, they entrusted us with the mantle of leadership to steer Eti-osa to the forefronts of development, making it a leading hub of business and tourism
Our campaign policies where hedged in a FOUR POINT AGENDA namely:

1.Infrastructural Development.
2. Educational Development.
3. Social Welfare.
4.Poverty Alleviation.

We are committed to ensuring that we deliver on our campaign promises, some of which you all can see and are already manifesting such as:


In the last 2 years of this administration we have prioritized educational development in Eti-osa. An example is the presentation of bursary awards to both indigene and non-indigene students in Eti-osa.

Renovation of Ikota primary school in other to give the classrooms a face lift and create a proper learning environment for our kids. We currently embarking on the construction of Itedo community school, which unfortunately was gutted by fire. A total of 11
classrooms, teacher’s room, VIP toilet and recreational area are being constructed. This is to ensure that learning does not stop just because of a few Hicups.

Due to several reasons, mostly stemmed on some economic deprivation, some parents cannot afford to send their children to the Higher Institution.

Bearing this in mind we have constructed a Vocational Learning Centre, which is being fully equipped, and also engaging the services of qualified trainers to teach various vocational Skills.

The vocational center is very affordable as it is a substitute for the higher institution. It is our belief that children trained in various skills will be self reliant and independent within a short period of time and would add to the economic growth of our great local government.

An E-library construction/ mobile library is also ongoing, this will push Eti-osa out there to the world as one of the best resource hubs when it comes to researches and various academic development. An interesting fact to note is that the E-library is accessible from any part of the world.


Health they say is wealth.The optimum well being ensuring aged ones is of absolute necessity, hence the need for the intermitant free medical screening for the aged.

Ensuring total eradication of infant and child mortality in Eti-osa. Our medical team goes all the way out to sensitize young inexperienced mothers and even train and partner with traditional birth attendance on the need to embrace medical interventions to save lives. We have given a face-lift to primary health center to encourage people in those environs to have easy access to medical care and provide subsidized drugs in the attached pharmacy.


Eti-osa local government is strategically positioned; it is a high brawl area with amazing stretch of beach land and a highly educated population. It is a hub for hospitality and harbors alot of blue chip companies. In ensuring that this said class of people enjoy the dividends of their taxes and levies, several projects such as road rehabilitation, construction of box culverts and drainages are being worked on at places such as olukolu street phase 1 and 2, baale street Igbo-efon, mike imeh close just to mention a few.

Completion of standard roads with street light facility powered by generator in places like Gbara, Mayegun Oseni road. Francisis kuboye street lekki, via marwa oniru, also had its road rehabilitated.

There is also a diversion of vehicular movement through another access road to reduce the traffic congestion usually experienced on Francis Kuboye road.

Some indigent communities within Eti-

osa have no direct access to the major development happening around then, they lack access to basic health care and schools, which should be within their vicinity.

We have heard their you call for help, and work has commenced on the creation of access roads to places like lafiaji community this will create links to the major roads, thereby opening a channel for continuous developmental projects in the pipeline for the community.

It is a fact that the creation of basic infrastructure like good road networks puts a smile on the faces of our people. Attesting to this fact is the increase in our internally generated revenue (IGR) as the people are receiving value for their money.


Given the turbulent nature of our economy, many people are made to think outside the box to augment their earnings. Therefore engaging in rewarding groups who are striving to achieve more within their society and also become employers of labour in the nearest future, some of those groups are Gbamayero tailoring association; they were rewarded with sewing machines to help them to increase productivity leading to business expansion. The N-power N agro candidates in the last two years of these administration has been receiving supports In terms of training and some additional financial assistance.

The older citizens are not left out as they are on a yearly basis given some financial aids, along with foodstuffs to help sustaining them in our own little way.

Relief material was distributed to the 2017 flood victims to help replace a few of their displaced items. A joyous moment was celebrated with a mother of triplets, she was given some financial assistance.


The basic responsibility of a government is the protection of lives and property of its citizens, bearing this in mind this administration is engaged in a cordial relationship with the various security and law enforcement agency within our jurisdiction.

Hence the need to hold periodic peace and security meeting where we deliberate on better ways to ensure safety and peace all around Eti-osa. We do everything within our capacity to attend to the needs of the security agencies, this will help complement their effort in our own little way such as repair and rehabilitating of operational vehicles belonging to bunny camp garrison command, keffi garrison command, ilasan police station.

Upon the realization that highway robberies occur regularly during heavy traffic congestion and this bandit make use of motorbike as a quick means of escape. We purchased 15 motorbikes distributed among the various security outfits to help combat such heavy traffic robberies several security agencies benefitted from this bike distribution like, Nigeria army, police, NDLEA, NOA, OPC, just to name a few.

Recently a liaison office was opened for the Lagos state neighborhood corps (LNSC) within the Ilasan community. The purpose being to integrate community with the neighborhood corps as they have proven to be diligent in their duties of keeping the peace and safety of the communities they protect, my plan is to build more liaisons offices across the other zones within Eti-osa.


The good people of Eti-osa deserve to live in a clean safe and environmentally friendly ambience. This is not just a walk in the park, it is a collective effort on the part of the residence and government.
Bearing this in mind my administration on several occasion has held series of sensitization campaign on proper waste disposal practices, we constantly relate with the CDA’S community development association to help preach the message of cleanliness to teach household within their reach. The market leadership is also engaged in enforcing that kiosk and shops are clean at the end of close of business daily.

Eti-osa Local Government is a very peculiar community as the ocean and the sea surround it. With these facts it is common knowledge that there is every tendency for the entire community to get flooded. A typical example is the 2017 flood, which destroyed a lot of valuables and properties.

We are very proactive in the discharge of our duties to avoid telling a tale of woe in the nearest future, that is why we are aggressive about the continuous clearing of drainage channels and canals to ensure easy flow of water back into the lagoon.


A typical example is the Jakande canals, igbokusu canal, Gbara maiyegun canal, osapa canal, spar canal, Ajiran canal all this are proactive steps being carried out to ensure that when the rains come there will be easy drain channel to ensure free flow of water and mitigate against flooding the entire community.


Staff of Eti-osa Local government are provided with periodic financial assistance, this is to assist with resolving any immediate challenges.
Training is also given at various cadres and Levels to help bring out the best in staff performances.

Vehicles have been purchased to serve various purposes in other to help the staff in the effective discharge of their various duties; we are working on purchasing more vehicles in the nearest future.

Area offices have been given a face-lift to ensure it’s more conducive for staff and can carry out day-to-day transactions.


We pledge that for the remaining term in office, we will ensure that the prosperity, good health, safety and unity of the good people of Eti-osa will be our focus. If we work together we can achieve more and enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Thank you and God bless

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