Nigerians on Twitter criticise CBN Governor’s Comments On Cryptocurrency


Nigerians on Twitter have criticized the comments of the CBN governor of Godwin Emefiele on cryptocurrency.

Mr Godwin Emefiele has been under attack for calling cryptocurrency ‘money made out of thin air’.

Emefiele in a viral video on Twitter said, “Cryptocurrency is generally regarded as an electronic, digital currency that is issued by largely unknown, unregulated elements using computer codes that are basically meant to encrypt or hide information about both the transactions and the operators. And in a sense, it seems it is money that is created out of thin air.

“Put another way, cryptocurrency is issued, rather it is used to describe the activities of players in an electronic dark world, where transactions are extremely opaque.

They are black. They are not white, they are not visible and they are not transparent.” This definition of Emefiele’s has made some Twitter users question his education, his competence and concluded that his capabilities reflect in the current state of the Nigerian economy.

Twitter user, Morris Monye said, “I don’t think the CBN Governor fully understands the concept of money. But hey, he can do no wrong. He is the CBN Governor. Lool out of thin air.”

Another, Sammy Sammy tweeted, “Former CEO of Zenith Bank and current CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele needs to read from a handout to explain cryptocurrency for Nigerians? No wonder the economic policies are based on trial & error.”

Twitter user, Odogwu wrote, CBN Governor Emefiele an Alumnus of Havard talking about Cryptocurrency like an illiterate making it seems like Anti Christ’s currency

Man is talking about a dark world when we haven’t had constant light for 60 years, you are worried about the wrong DARK WORLD.”

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