Score card :May weather vs. McGregor round-by-round


Round 1 – After an extended review of the rules prior to the start, we are underway – and the crowd is electric. McGregor out quickly in a southpaw stance and looks to push the pace. Mayweather against the ropes and working a high guard.McGregor switches stances a bit as he drives to the body and head. Mayweather moves right and studies. McGregor pawing with the jab and driving in the left hand. He scores up top. Some switching from McGregor, but it’s mostly his southpaw stance. McGregor taunts and puts the hands behind the back. McGregor keeping his opponent at rage with the jab. Left hand goes to the body. McGregor shifting side to side. May weather yet to really commit. He rushes in and gets caught by an uppercut. McGregor looks comfortable as he holds range. Bell sounds, and McGregor takes the first, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 10-9 McGregor.

Round 2 – They meet quickly in the center. Mayweather backs up to the corner. McGregor lacing in punches but is mostly missing. He gets warned for grabbing the back of the head. Mayweather moves out to the center. McGregor still doing a fine job of keeping at a distance where only he can land. Mayweather showing great head movement in defense and lands a nice right to the body. McGregor dropping his hand s a bit, inviting an attack. Mayweather clinches. Referee breaks them apart. Mayweather leaps in with a nice right hand. They get in tight, and McGregor grabs hold and clinches, On the restart, Mayweather again ducks, and McGregor happily grabs hold. He’s warned again. Bell sounds, and MMAjunkie gives it again to McGregor, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 20-18 McGregor.

Round 3 – McGregor smiled in his corner between rounds. He’s again out quickly and looking to push the pace. Mayweather ducks, and McGregor warned for coming over the top to the back of the head. Mayweather lands a nice right to the body, but McGregor ties him up. Mayweather trying to push a little more, but McGregor is looking for the big counter. More clinches and another warning. Quick start on the break, and McGregor pops Mayweather’s head back with a few jabs. McGregor dropping his hands and popping his jab. Mayweather sneaking in a few solid right hands now from time to time. Another clinch warned for McGregor. McGregor trying to time a big uppercut. He switches stances again. Bell sounds, and MMAjunkie gives it again to McGregor, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 30-27 McGregor

Round 4 – McGregor quick to the center and unloading punches as Mayweather covers on the ropes. Mayweather ducking and weaving, and McGregor is landing some shots to the top of the head. McGregor pulling down the head when they get tight. Mayweather starting to press. McGregor with a nice left hand. The counter left is on point when Mayweather charges. Mayweather with a right to the body and a left up top. McGregor answers with a big left and a jab up top. Mayweather moving forward, as promised. Still, McGregor’s volume remains high. Mayweather gets a forearm inside as they clinch. McGregor throwing a lot of short shots in bunches. Round ends, and they have a quick work with each other. MMAjunkie leans slightly toward Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: McGregor 39-37.

Round 5 – Another quick start. McGregor keeping his punch rate high, but he is slowing a touch on his zip. They get in tight for an extended clinch, and the referee gives a stern warning. Mayweather really walking his opponent down now, but McGregor is retreating and countering well. McGregor going to the body when he can. More clinches. Mayweather is walking forward and breaking the range dominance McGregor held early. McGregor slips a few punches, and it’s Mayweather who again gets a forearm in during a clinch. Quick restart for Mayweather. He’s throwing hard. Left scores. Right lands, as well. Mayweather with a push to the chest well after the end of the round. MMAjunkie gives the round to Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: McGregor 48-47.

Round 6 – McGregor’s arms look to be tiring a bit, but he’s striking. He lands a bit as Mayweather covers, and McGregor tries to keep up the attack, but he’s pulled away by the referee. Mayweather pouring it on now. He’s loading up on the right hand. Another scores. McGregor taking some damage, and the crowd is on its feet. Mayweather rifles in a few jabs. McGregor does come back with a left to the body. Mayweather loads up on a three-punch combo that scores. McGregor answers with a straight. McGregor lays in a few jabs and smiles. Crowd starts to chant “Conor.” Mayweather has the momentum now, but McGregor isn’t going away just yet. Bell sounds, and MMAjunkie gives it to Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 57-57.

Round 7 – Mayweather has become the clear aggressor. McGregor still looking to score with sharp counters, but he does seem to be fading a bit. Punch output still there, though. McGregor slips a big shot from his opponent. He ties up Mayweather’s arms. Mayweather with a big right off the restart. McGregor still looking to attack the body, but Mayweather is really starting to land up top with right hands. Another clinch from McGregor. Mayweather again with big right hands on the restart. Three punches land from Mayweather. Crowd on their feet. They sense and end. McGregor retreating and trying to tee up the big left. McGregor still moving well, but his punches are losing steam. One last clinch. MMAjunkie gives it to Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 67-66 Mayweather.

Round 8 – Quick start, and Mayweather turns his back as they get tight, but McGregor continues to punch. Crowd doesn’t like it, and the referee finally steps in to break them. McGregor doing abetter job of keeping at distance to start this round. He was too tight for the last several rounds. Still, the best punches are coming from Mayweather. Clinch from McGregor. McGregor punching from all angles as Mayweather advances. McGregor starting to grab him a little more and position his body. She[ left from Mayweather. McGregor answering though, and he seem s to have tapped into a little reserve power. A late clinch closes it. Better for McGregor, but MMAjunkie leans again toward Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 77-75 Mayweather.

Round 9 – McGregor put quickly and appears to land a low blow. Referee doesn’t immediately see it, and we fight on. Eventually we get a break, but it’s a bi half-hearted, and McGregor gets a little punch in on Mayweather as they look to restart. Mayweather still pressing the action and lands a right hand. Mayweather dictating the pace and range. McGregor clinches, and the crowd groans. Big shots from Mayweather on the restart. McGregor is hurt. Crowd on their feet. Right hadn from Mayweather. McGregor trying to weave. Break from a clinch, and McGregor staggers. Mayweather with a big left. McGregor on wobbly feet. Mayweather trying to put him away. McGregor looks exhausted. He’s trying to fins some life. Mayweather swarming. late clinch again. MMAjunkie gives it to Mayweather, 10-9
Unofficial score: 87-84 Mayweather.

Round 10 – McGregor working light combinations to open, but his power isn’t there, and Mayweather covers. Mayweather teeing off when the break. Big right hands scores. McGregor wobbled. Mayweather all over him. Right hand lands. Big left scores, and the referee Robert Byrd steps in to call off the fight. McGregor was still on his feet, but this fight is over at the 1:05 mark.

Final: Mayweather wins by TKO.

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