A 20-year-old TikToker who solicited over $37,000 from online donors by lying that she has pancreatic cancer and football-size tumor has pleaded guilty to first-degree theft in lowa, USA.

Madison Russo on Wednesday, June 14, entered a plea in low’s Scott County District Court in connection with the scheme, where she faked having stage two pancreatic cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia and “a tumor the size of a football wrapped around her spine.”

She was said to have pocketed donations from more than 439 unsuspecting well-wishers, including cancer organizations and school districts.

She documented her made-up cancer battle on her TikTok page and in GoFundMe updates, NY Post reports.

The description of her now-defunct online campaign stated that her cancer diagnosis “has been very hard on Maddie’s family. Just like with any cancer diagnosis, the cost of medical bills, gas, meals, and expense can be a burden, and that is something this family should not have to worry about. If you are able to, donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover medical expenses and to allow Maddie to focus on one thing only, which is to show that she is stronger than cancer and will beat this. Please donate/ share if you can.”

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