4 reasons Lagosians love Memes

An image, hyperlink, video, website, or hashtag, used to describe a funny photo including text that gets passed around online is called a meme. Most times they are the adjusted phenomena of a behavior that was already there before the internet and are mostly hilarious. While in some parts of the world, they are illegal or banned, they are widespread in Nigeria,  and has over time become a much-loved trend for social media users. Jovago.com, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking portal shares 4 reasons Lagosians love memes.

They are mostly hilarious

Everyone loves to be happy, so do Lagosians. They are keen to take advantage of any chance for a good laugh and memes offer a great opportunity. Usually, these memes capture a particular moment or try to interpret a situation that most people can relate to in a funny way and so most viewers break into laughter. With the stress of navigating Lagos traffic and completing daily tasks, memes create room for a break and brightens up the day of the average Lagosian.

They are easy to create

You do not need to be skilled in graphics design or have an expert knowledge in art to create a meme. Memes basically require a photo and a caption. There are even a number of websites that can generate these memes once you input the text and picture. Lagosians do not like stress and so the fact that memes do not require much skills or any rigorous process to create, makes it even more endearing.

They are easy to share

Lagosians love to share news or information about  almost anything online and memes make it very easy to pass deep messages with just one picture. Also, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and sites like Reddit, Pinterest  as well as  blogging platforms have a huge community where internet memes have become integral pieces of entertainment.

They are a perfect way to tell an inside joke

Most Lagosians are social and they have their cliques or group of friends with whom they have had certain experiences with and so share intimate or inside joke with. Memes make it easy for them to laugh about something together by sharing a private joke with each other publicly. For instance, a meme might have a picture with unrelated text and someone who isn’t in on the joke would be shocked to see a lot of “LOL” comments. Lagosians, like most people around the world, love the thrill of an open secret.