Movies for Kids on Children’s Day

May 27 holds a very special significance in the life of Nigerian kid’s. Children’s Day is celebrated on May 27 in Nigeria. It is a public holiday for Primary and Secondary school children. As the entire nation celebrates the day of innocence and mischief, here are some movies you can take your children to see at the cinema.

Angry Birds:

angry birds ekocity

Parents need to know that The Angry Birds Movie is a loud, silly, sometimes crude — and sometimes funny — animated film based on the popular app. The main character, Red (Jason Sudeikis), is truly an angry bird: He tries to exist in polite society, but his bad attitude won’t let him, so he’s forced into anger-management class. As you might expect, there are plenty of scenes of birds being kicked, punched, and hurled through the air, as well as explosions. Eggs are stolen from their parent birds and put in peril, and their parents are visibly upset. There’s also some drinking (out of coconuts, etc.) and few sexual situations/innuendoes (which will likely go over many kids’ heads), including an unpleasant Peeping Tom scene. Language includes “idiot,” “weirdos,” quite a few “butt” jokes, and cursing stand-ins like “pluck my life.” Although there’s only one main female character, the movie has some messages about taking responsibility and not judging others. But mostly its goal is to be funny — putting it squarely in the category of movies that kids will like and parents will tolerate.





The Jungle Book:

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Parents need to know that The Jungle Book is a live-action/CGI update of Rudyard Kipling’s classic book of short stories that has many scary/intense scenes involving menacing wild animals. The movie has an all-star voice cast that includes Idris ElbaBill MurrayBen KingsleyChristopher Walken, and Scarlett Johansson

The movie tells the story of young Mowgli (Neel Sethi), the orphaned “man cub” raised as a wolf and hated by the jungle’s most vicious predator, tiger Shere Khan.

Kids who are familiar with the story and know the animals they’re seeing aren’t real will probably be fine, but preschoolers and younger elementary-aged kids who have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality may not be able to handle Mowgli’s frequent peril. All of that said, on the definite upside, the movie is gorgeous, and there are clear, strong messages about the importance of courage, teamwork, family (especially the non-traditional kind), and friendship.



PARENTAL ADVISE:scary/intense scenes involving menacing wild animals


Alice Through the Looking Glass:

alice ekocity magazine

When Alice wakes up in Wonderland she must travel through a mysterious new world to retrieve a magical scepter that can stop the evil Lord of Time before he turns forward the clock and turns Wonderland into a barren, lifeless old world. With the help of some new friends, Alice must also uncover an evil plot to put the Queen of Hearts back on the throne.


DURATION: 113 minutes

PARENTAL ADVISE: The movie contains fantasy action and some magic


Dear Parents, make sure your children have a treat this children day.