Nigerian Movies At The Cinema This Weekend

We love to support the evolving and dynamic Nigerian movie industry. Check out the Nigerian movies showing at the cinemas this weekend and go out to support Nollywood.


ATM tells the story of a young greedy man who in order to make his life better got entangled in a love scam

Starring: Alexx Ekubo, Princess Oyinbo, Yvonne Jegede, Francis Odega

Movie Rating: 15




Two brothers are on opposite paths. Victor is a recent ex-con who is trying to piece his life together while Duke is a brilliant undergraduate determined to see his mum live.
Duke enlist the help of his two friends in stealing cars by decorating the cars and pretending to be married.
Despite some unforeseen hiccups, their operation was pretty successful until people got greedy and violent.”

Casts: Stan Nze, Rotimi Salami, Ijeoma Agu, Obutu Roland, Brutus Richard, Gregory Ojefua, Judith Audu, Perpetua Adefemi,

Movie Rating: 18