Tobi’s Experience from Kilo Bus Stop Surulere to Ajose Adeogun Street V. Island

A glance at my watch left me panicking, I had barely an hour to catch up an 8am appointment on Victoria Island. While waiting to board a Keke (tricycle) to Stadium BRT bus stop, I got distracted by a school boy who dropped a biscuit wrap on the ground, “Hey, come back here and pick that Nylon”, I ordered. Now speaking in a low but firm voice I advised, “It’s not good to litter the ground with dirt, always use the waste bin”.  While heading to Stadium Bus Stop in a Keke, I wondered if school children were still made to pick nylon and paper waste within the school surrounding as it obtained during my school days.

I switched thoughts to focus and prepare myself for the meeting, my eyes posed a serious threat to my concentration as it kept focus on the spotless, fair and soft skinned lady that sat next to me. My eyes had it way but the experienced turned sour when she flung out what seemed like a pure water sachet on the road. “But that is not right!” I screamed, looking her in the eyes. Startled at my reaction, she eyed me and pretended I did not exist.

“I am sorry for coming late Sir, it’s due to heavy traffic from CMS road to Law school” I explained to Mr. Ibrahim. I had barely completed my explanation when I was interrupted by what seemed like a heated argument, only then did I realize that the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) air conditioner had led me to my destination through a nap. With less than 30 minutes to my appointment, I rehearsed my presentation on introducing Ekocity brand to Mr. Ibrahim, “ is a 100% Lagos focused portal, L.A.G.O.S – LIFESTYLE, ATTRACTIONS, GOVERANCE, OPPORTUNITIES & START UP”.

The raging argument caught my interest afterwards, “Excuse me, what is the argument about?” I inquired from the man seated next to me. He gave me a heads up, “That man over there, threw banana peels out of the BRT window and was challenged. Rather than feel remorse he came up with an annoying defense”. Oh I see, that’s why he has been repeating, “I pay my taxes! Even Ambode cannot do anything”. 

I refrained from joining in bashing the man, he had gotten enough from the other passengers.

10 minutes to 8am, I heaved a sigh of relieve, I was on Ajose Adeogun Strt and will be at my destination on time. While celebrating the rare feat of beating the Lagos traffic, a PET bottle nearly hit me in the face, it was flung out of a black SUV that drove past. I hurriedly reached for my smart phone with an intent of registering the number plate, I pulled out a biscuit wrap with my phone; I had put the wrap in my pocket the day before in a bid to dispose it properly when I got to my house.

I reached a conclusion that the rich, poor, young, old, educated, illiterate are guilty of littering Lagos roads, streets with nylons, PET bottles and other waste materials which accumulates to block the drainages and results to loss of lives and properties through flooding.

8:05am – making presentation to Mr. Ibrahim and his team

“Sir, at this moment, a Lagosian somewhere is dropping a waste in the wrong place. Ekocity Magazine is determined to raise the advocacy for a clean Lagos and support existing efforts through the #PickaBottle,PickaNylon campaign. We look forward to your support and sponsorship on this project”.

Reacting to my presentation, Mr Ibrahim remarked, “Thank you for the presentation Mr. Tobiloba, on behalf of the management of XXXXX organization, we are happy to associate with the #PickaBottlePickaNylon Campaign and assure you of our support”. THE END

Now it’s your turn, will you join the #PickaBottlePickaNylon Campaign? Will you join in contributing to a Clean and dirt free Lagos? Find out more about the Campaign and Volunteer to be part of positive history –

Do well to share the Campaign with your friends. Do you have a similar story as Tobiloba? Share it with us at, you will be duly acknowledged for your entry.

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