Most of these problematic areas are unusually free of traffic jam this morning.

  • Underbridge

This place is a bit free of regular traffic congestion this morning.

This is as a result of the wonderful work the state contractor CCECC did by blocking the one way road motorists coming from mile-2, as well as blocking the U-turn at underbridge which has resulted into free flow of movement of motorists going to mile-2 and easier vehicular movement.

The other side of the road still needs to be palliated on time to ease the burden of road users.

  • Ojo Barracks

There is free flow of traffic here today as well.

Though the other side of the road is yet to be palliated by the construction company (CCECC).


  • Iyana-Iba

There is no traffic congestion this morning.

The traffic officials here are doing well.

There is trailer that fell on the way to mile-2 and will cause serious traffic gridlock if not towed away from the road before evening.

  • Okokomaiko

No traffic jam at all.

Although okokomaiko at the front of Stargen hotel graded sometimes ago needs urgent palliative attention as the

area is fast dilapidating because of the pressure of vehicles passing through there.

  • Igboelerin junction

Igboelerin is serious traffic congestion as at this morning.

As a result of one side of the road barricaded from Igboelerin to Afromdeia by the construction work by name Wizchino Engineering (WE) is still the cause of the heavy traffic gridlock this morning.

Wizchino Engineering Limited handling the road from Igboelerin to Agbara has shown commitment by explaining the situation at hand, the plan for the construction and the challenges facing them.

Note: that Wizchino Engineering Ltd is the construction company handling the Okokomaiko to Agbara axis of the road which is the Federal Government responsibility.

They have assured road users of their readiness to carry out minor palliative on bad spots like Iyana Isashi Iyana-era, Vespa to Agbara which is the cause of serious traffic jam on this part of the road they are handling, particularly in the evenings.


  • Iyana-Isashi to Ketu

There is free flow of traffic here this morning.

The u-turn at Iyana-isashi still needs to be blocked like that of Iyana-era to profer lasting solution to the incessant traffic gridlock experience here majorly in the evening.

The LASTMA officials there are still up to the task.

  • Iyana-era to Federal 2nd Gate

There is still traffic congestion at Iyana-era this morning caused by bad road but moving slowly.

The road is completely bad.

Urgent palliative measures are needed although traffic managers LASTMA Officials are seeing working here this morning. Kudos to them for a job well-done.


  • AOCOED to Vespa to Agbara to Morogbo

There is free flow of traffic here this morning.

Although these part of the road still remain another nightmare to vehicular movement as trucks regularly fall off there.

  • Agbara to Morogbo

There is still traffic gridlock this morning but traffic is moving slowly and the LASTMA officials on ground are doing marvelously well as at today.

The road still remain in dilapidated state for now.

The stones used as minor palliative has not resulted into meaningful impact on motorists.

No palliative yet by CGC.


  • Ibiye

There is no traffic at Ibiye this morning.

Although the situation of the road remain the same as we file this report.

No palliative yet.

  • Magbon

There is no traffic at Magbon this morning as well.

This place remain unmotorable, impassable and a nightmare to motorists.

  • Pure water, Area K to Oko-afo

There is no traffic congestion here this morning as well.

This axis still remain in a shameful and impassable to motorists.

The construction company handling the Agbara-Seme portion of the road called (CGC Nigeria Limited) need to carry out urgent palliative work on these spoilt and impassable parts of the road if the effort of the government must be felt and appreciated by road users.

  • Age Mowo to Mowo

No traffic here, as motorists manage to navigate through the collapsed part of the road.

We are still urging the appropriate authorities to instruct the construction company (CGC Nigeria Limited) to carry out urgent palliative measures on the unmotorable parts of the road to alleviate the excruciating pains of road users first before they continue the road construction.

  • Aradagun to Badagry round about

No traffic here as well as at this morning.

We however use this medium to call on FERMA to instruct the two companies handling the road from Okoko to Agbara to Seme border to instantly commence palliative works on the road without delay.

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