Blenco opens Third Branch on the Island, fourth in Lagos.

One of the leading retail supermarkets in Nigeria, Blenco Supermarket has opened its third branch on the Lagos island axis of the state.

The new outlet which is located at Ilasan Bustop behind, World Oil was open to the public on 15th of September, 2020.


The opening was witnessed by a host of dignitaries which included a honorable from Delta state, Chukky Dandy. Also at the opening were the managers of the other branches, friends and well-wishers.

In the new branch, there are different sections for customers to shop. The sections ranges from, book section to food section, fashion segment, gift section and many more.

The book section of the supermarket has both fictional and non-fictional books for entrepreneurs, book lovers, and student to shop. The fashion sector have designer and quality bags, shoes, wristwatches, unisex clothing and many more. At the food section, there are provisions from many brands, drinks, amongst others.


Aside from the regular provisions in a supermarket, Blenco has a unique traditional market setting called “VILLAGE MARKET” where shoppers can buy yam, pepper, tomatoes, vegetables, and other household food items.

The CEO, Mr Blessing Aghedo, in an exclusive interview with Ekocity magazine, revealed that the setting was a part of Blenco’s strategy to set itself apart from other supermarkets. He further commented that it was also a way to remind shoppers of their traditional market while they shop in a world-class setting.

Also available in the supermarket, is another food section, where shoppers can get a variety of snacks such as popcorn, meat pie, and assorted foods.

According to Mr Aghedo, his aim for Blenco is to be a one-stop shop for the convenience of shoppers. Hence, the supermarket partnered with other organisations such as pharmacies, bakery and electronic brands to ensure shoppers get drugs and other essential items they might need.

A testimony to the thoughtful planning of Blenco, within 24 hours, people flocked the store, shopping various items.

Speaking to Ekocity magazine, some of the customers revealed that Blenco’s opening in the area has eased their burden of shopping and are glad to have the giant retail in their locality.

Staff of the company, who are always on standby to guide shoppers, revealed the pleasure they have working in the company.

 Mr Blessing Aghedho chatting with the Eko City team, stated how his business began,


“It all started when I was at a very young age. I had to drop-out of school due to financial reasons. When I dropped out I came down to Lagos to serve Mr Sunday, the co- owner of Ebano supermarket. I served Mr Sunday for six years.

During my time of service, I was defrauded, consequently, my boss gave me a settlement of eighty thousand naira. This was less of what I was entitled to.


After the service, I came back to Lagos with the money with the aim of settling my own business.

‘’When I rented a shop, I realized I didn’t have enough to stock the shop. After trying to get some capital and failed I decided I was going to give up the shop and buy an Okada instead.

Mr Aghedo

However, on my way to meet the Okada agent, I saw a woman selling tooth brushes, and a buyer picked one and paid the woman twenty naira.  The cost price of the tooth brush from the wholesalers was like six naira then, I quickly calculated how much the woman make as profit from each brush and that was like 14% profit. I was amazed,

So I decided to venture into the toothbrush business. After being able to raise, one hundred and five thousand in a year, I continued the business until I was able to establish the Blenco of today.”

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