House of Representatives Implore the Federal Government to Conduct Census.

A bill to make the conduction of a census after every ten years compulsory, by the Nigerian Population Council (NPC) is ongoing. Since the last population census conducted in March 2006, there seems to be subsequent events of data inaccuracy, as the country has been relying on faltered figures, which has made it impossible to evenly distribute wealth and resources.

The bill is aimed at revamping Section 213 of the constitution by adding a subsection 6 to the previous subsection 5.

The added subsection 6 reads thus; “The National Population Commission, shall conduct a national population census, every ten years after publication by the President of a population census report in the official gazette of the government of the Federation”. The bill also compels agencies to determine the country’s population via census, sample surveys and other means necessary.

The House of Representatives and other lawmakers believe a census is long overdue and extremely important, putting the changes caused by the pandemic into consideration.

The Federal Lawmakers are taking actions to propel the government into preparing for a population census in 2021. They acknowledge the stress and cost, but they say it is a necessary step in jumpstarting the economy.

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