Kogi west senator to introduce mosaic law bill to discourage stealing.

As a way of reducing the rate of corruption in the country and discouraging graft, Kogi west senator, Smart Adeyemi, senator representing Kogi west, says he will sponsor bills for the enactment of the Mosaic law.

The senator disclosed this while Speaking at a retreat for the senate press corps in Lokoja, Kogi state, on Saturday, Adeyemi said public officers will not steal if their hands are cut off.

For readers, the Mosaic law is synonymous to Moses in the old testament of the Bible.

According to the senator , he said the law will discourage people from stealing.

“Like I said on the floor of the senate; if we want this country to be great, we must look at some acts of parliament; moreso the ones that have to do with anti-graft agencies. I want my children to be happier than I am in Nigeria, and to do that there must be enough money to meet the needs and aspirations of the people,” he said.

“What am I talking about? Let us confront corruption. Very soon I’m coming back to the chamber to bring bills on ICPC and EFCC. I want us to introduce Mosaic law, what you call Sharia law. By the time you cut the hands of 10, 20 people in this country, nobody will want to steal again.

“By the time you say two, three people should face serious punishment; if you say that is too harsh let us have mechanised agriculture of about 200, 250 acres, once you are involved in corruption, you will spend your life farming for us.”

The senator during the retreat, also used the opportunity to shower encomiums on the kogi state governor Yahaya Bello describing his emergence as “divine”, Smart said he was reelected because he was able to bring everyone together in his first term.

“There are things within a state that determines who wins the election. Let me just give you one of the secrets why the governor won this election,” he said.

“When he came into office, he brought everyone together. He won again because he was able to put in some landmark achievements that others could not do. In my senatorial district, we have a rice mill; it is one of the biggest that you can think of.

“What is affecting the commencement of the rice mill, where 2,000 people will be employed, is that the federal road to that place is bad, but this governor went to my area and put a rice mill that will employ about 2,000 people.”

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