With less than 4 days to the Ondo state gubernatorial election slated for October 10, The Sultan of Sokoto, Abubakar Sa’ad, has asked contestants in the Saturday governorship election in Ondo state to see exercise as a mere game and not a do or die affair.

the Sultan said this during the signing of the peace accord by the
governorship candidates participating in the election.

The peace pact was initiated by the National peace committee (NPC)
under the leadership of former Head of State of Nigeria, Gen. Abdulsalam

While saying that that election was like gameplay by many players on the
pitch, the Sultan called on all contestants “to shun any form of
violence and thuggery so that the election could be free, fair, and
credible in the state like the Edo State governorship election.

“I like to make it clear to all of us as a citizen of this country and
for the players who are going to be on the pitch on Saturday to contest
for one single seat of the governor of Ondo State for the next four

“I like to call on you to see the signing of an accord this morning not
just a mere ceremony or formality but a commitment by all of you.

“In fact a covenant in which you all be responsible for the outcome at
the end of the day.

“Let all of us obey the rules of the game, I call it game because the
election is a game where they must be only one winner and others who are
not won, I won’t call them a loser.

“There only be one winner and that winner has already be ordained by
Almighty God before the is even cast. We don’t know who is that person.

“So, as a contestant tell the citizens of Ondo State what you can’t do
and what you will do for them and they are vote must count as INEC has
assured us that every vote must count.

“Talk to your supporters to remain peaceful, do not allow thuggery to
take place anywhere not only near the polling booth even in the entire
state throughout the duration of an election on Saturday.

He said that “power belongs to Almighty God and he gives it to whom he
wants at the time he wants and he takes away from the person or persons
without even alerting them, so let not play God.

“Do not sign this accord, if you know you are not going to keep peace in
the election of Ondo State of Saturday,” he said.

Personalities present at the peace accord signing are Bishop Hassan
Matthew Kukah, Bishop John Onaiyekan, INEC chairman, Mahmoud Yakubu; and representative of Inspector General of Police(IGP), traditional rulers and supporters and members of the political parties participating in the poll.

Only ten of the 17 parties participating in the poll came for the
signing of the peace pact.

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