Peter Okoye Blasted For Not Tagging His Brother in #EndSARS Appreciation Tweet

Peter Okoye, in a tweet appreciating all those who came out to join the peaceful protest against SARS, left out his twin brother Rudeboy who was also part of the protest.
Twitter users reacting to his tweet chided him for not tagging his twin brother, saying his action is also part of the reasons why Nigeria isn’t a peaceful country as he has refused to make peace with his brother.
According to some commentators, the problem of the country starts from the individual family, thus, asking him how he expects the country to be peaceful when there’s no peace in his own family.
Peter Okoye had tweeted, “Weldon @falzthebahdguy @iRuntown @TiwaSavage @tokstarr and everyone who came out for the #EndSarsProtests today! Your actions will make Nigeria a better place! I will definitely join you guys in the next weeks’ Protest.”
Reacting to this, some Twitter users replied as follows:
“@lastkidboi1 wrote “y u no con mention your brother’s name, u suppose mention his name no matter hw, don’t forget dat blood is thicker than water, pls let love rain btw each other”.
@Caleb_Abah1 wrote “Mention your brother too, he joined the protest”.
@Iam_Showkiddo wrote “Oga tag your blood brother stop being selfish”.

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