EXCLUSIVE: Army redeploys 120 generals, 68 major generals and others in huge shake-up. [FULL LIST] below


Following the matching order from the President Muhammadu Buhari over the continued rise of insecurity in the country, the Nigerian Army on the 5th of March 2021 redeployed 204 officers to new formations across the country, this is according to PREMIUM TIMES.

According to a close source, the redeployment, was carried out on March 5, same day the Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru, was confirmed and elevated to the rank of lieutenant general.

The redeployment came a day after the Nigerian Air Force announced a similar exercise.

Out of the 204 officers redeployed, 120 are generals.

Out of the 120 generals, 68 are major generals while the other 52 are brigadier generals.

Others affected were 31 colonels, nine lieutenant colonels, 25 majors, 13 captains and five lieutenants.

Notable amongst the generals redeployed are C. C. Okonkwo, a major general, who was in charge of Operation Safe Haven in Jos, Plateau State and now transferred to the Army Welfare Limited/Guarantee as a Group Managing Director.

Another major general, D.C. Onyemulu, replaces Mr Okonkwo as the commander, Operation Safe Haven.

Most of the affected officers are expected to resume at theire duty posts March 10.

The redeployment of the officers is coming amidst rising cases of Boko Haram attacks on army formations in the North-east region, banditry in the North-west and crimes and killings across the country.

It would be had recalled that only some days ago, it was reported that at least seven soldiers of the Nigerian Army were confirmed dead after an ambush by the terrorists.

Also the President, Muhammadu Buhari recently gave the service chiefs an ultimatum to ‘secure’ the nation before the rainy season starts.
FULL LIST OF REDEPLOYED GENERALSAS Maikobi – Major GeneralDC Onyemulu – Major GeneralHI Bature – Major GeneralA Bande – Major GeneralSA Yaro – Major GeneralLA Adegboye – Major GeneralOI Uzamere – Major GeneralJ Sarham- Major GeneralOF Azinta – Major GeneralJB Olawumi – Major GeneralCO Ude – Major GeneralG Oyefesobi – Major GeneralBM Shafa- Major GeneralNA Angbazo – Major GeneralBA Akinroluyo – Major GeneralHR Momoh – Major GeneralKAY Isiyaku – Major GeneralAT Hamman – Major GeneralMO Uzoh – Major GeneralAM Aliyu – Major GeneralCC Okonkwo – Major GeneralMA Masanawa – Major GeneralJI Unuigbe – Major GeneralJJ Ogonlade – Major GeneralAN Dauda – Major GeneralAA Jidda – Major GeneralYI Shalangwa – Major GeneralIN Yusuf – Major GeneralJGK Myam – Major GeneralSA Adebayo – Major GeneralGA Umelo – Major GeneralPB Fakrogha – Major GeneralVO Ezugwu – Major GeneralAB Omozoje – Major GeneralEN Njoku – Major GeneralSO Olabanji – Major Genera;GB Audu – Major GeneralOA Akintade – Major GeneralOT Akinjobi – Major GeneralBA Isandu – Major GeneralAM Alabi – Major GeneralAA Adesope – Major GeneralOW Ali – Major GeneralMG Ali – Major GeneralSS Araoye – Major GeneralGS Abdullahi – Major GeneralCG Musa – Major GeneralUS Mohammed – Major GeneralKI Mukhtar – Major GeneralKN Garba – Major GeneralDH Ali-Keffi – Major GeneralEV Onumajuru – Major GeneralKI Yusuf – Major GeneralBR Sinjen – Major GeneralTA Lagbaja – Major GeneralUU Bassey – Major GeneralS Dahiru – Major GeneralUA Yusuf – Major GeneralKO Aligbe – Major GeneralAK Ibrahim – Major GeneralLA Fejokwu – Major GeneralAB Ibrahim – Major GeneralJO Ochai – Major GeneralEAP Undiandeye – Major GeneralOR Aiyenigba – Major GeneralGU Chibuisi – Major GeneralSG Mohammed – Major GeneralIM Jallo – Major GeneralIA Doma – Brigadier GeneralIZ Ohiaka – Brigadier GeneralAIM Lapai – Brigadier GeneralA Adamu – Brigadier GeneralV Ebhaleme – Brigadier GeneralOO Odunuga – Brigadier GeneralMO Jimoh – Brigadier GeneralCU Onwunle – Brigadier GeneralM Danmadami – Brigadier GeneralASO Onilema – Brigadier GeneralAM Bello – Brigadier GeneralSB Kumapayi – Brigadier GeneralE Eji – Brigadier GeneralLT Omoniyi – Brigadier GeneralJO Ogwuoke – Brigadier GeneralBA Muhammad – Brigadier GeneralAA Eyitayo – Brigadier GeneralHT Wesley – Brigadier GeneralAG Fagge – Brigadier GeneralJD Bulus – Brigadier GeneralYK Musa – Brigadier GeneralAU Kuliya – Brigadier GeneralDI Salihu – Brigadier GeneralOA Adenuga – Brigadier GeneralCF Okafor – Brigadier GeneralLG Lepdung – Brigadier GeneralOA Fawole – Brigadier GeneralMO Ihanuaze – Brigadier GeneralSA Gumel – Brigadier GeneralAR Bello – Brigadier GeneralM Galadima – Brigadier GeneralTT Sidick – Brigadier GeneralAK Onasoga – Brigadier GeneralIG Lassa – Brigadier GeneralAA Adereti – Brigadier GeneralJE Osifo – Brigadier GeneralIO Olatunji – Brigadier GeneralRI Odi – Brigadier GeneralOM Bello – Brigadier GeneralAJ Aliyu – Brigadier GeneralAG Audu – Brigadier GeneralIM Abdullahi – Brigadier GeneralKO Ukandu – Brigadier GeneralIA Ajose – Brigadier GeneralOA James – Brigadier GeneralGS Mohammed – Brigadier GeneralIEE Akpaumontia – Brigadier GeneralI Sule – Brigadier GeneralEO Aduyebo – Brigadier GeneralST Shafaru – Brigadier GeneralOS Obor – Brigadier GeneralOA Fadairo – Brigadier General

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