Pandemonium in Kwara over wearing of hijab as Christians and Muslims clash.


Following the reopening of some schools earlier shut by the kwara state government as a result of the hijab controversy, violence has broken out between Muslims and Christians in Ilorin on Wednesday.

The state government had on February 19 ordered the closure of 10 schools over the dispute on the usage of the hijab headgear usually worn by Muslim female students in the state.

The government subsequently set up a committee to find a solution to the discord.

After the meeting, the state government announced that the schools should resume with Muslim female students allow the use of hijab

But the violence ensued after Christian officials of the Baptist School situated in the Surulere area of the capital city were said to have disallowed girls in hijab from gaining access into the school.

It is understood that this caused a stir among Muslim parents, leading to arguments and a clash where both Christian and Muslim adherents hurled objects at one another.

It was also gathered that the security operatives close to the area immediately called for back up after which the crowd was dispersed with tear gas.

Speaking on the incident, Ajayi Okasannmi Jeffrey, the spokesperson of the state police command, charged citizens to remain calm while the state government works towards fully resolving the controversy.

“You’re aware there’s been a disagreement about the female Muslim students and the wearing of the Hijab. The government directed that the school should be reopened today,” the PPRO said.

“The Muslims are insisting on entering the school with Hijab; the Christians are saying they’re not going to enter.

“Our primary duty is to ensure that there is peace and that’s exactly what we are doing. We’ve responded by ensuring that there is no breakdown of law and order.

“The commissioner of police has deployed so many police operatives there. So we’re managing it. We advised the citizens to maintain peace and abide by the decision of the government until the matter is fully resolved.”

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