Bauchi communities suffer Boko Haram attack, as insurgents destroy telecoms mast


Some communities in Bauchi state, today were at the receiving end of Suspected Boko Haram attacks as the insurgents destroyed masts and carted away several high-powered equipment.

Disclosing this is Sabiu Baba, secretary to the Bauchi government on Monday, he said the state is concerned about the presence of insurgents in Zaki, Dambam, Darazo, and Gamawa LGAs.

Coincidentally, the four LGAs in infiltrated by the insurgents share border with Geidam neighbouring Yobe state, where insurgents recently launched attacks that left many people displaced.

According to Baba , the insurgents launched an attack on a telecommunications mast belonging to the Mobile Telecommunication Network and carted away some of the equipment.

“There was an emergency Ecco meeting in Bauchi state this afternoon, and the meeting was to look into the attack by Boko Haram in Geidam and the takeover of that town and the implications for Bauchi state,” he said.

“Bauchi state shares border with Yobe state in four local government areas of Zaki, Dambam, Darazo, and Gamawa.

“The implications of what has happened in Geidam is that there is a lot of influx of people moving into Bauchi state from Yobe.

Of course, that will put a lot of strain on our facilities and resources, and considering the kind of movement out of Boko Haram activities, the security implications there are also very high.”

While noting that the meeting on Monday was to discuss the implications, identify the security threats and how to contain the insurgents from the Bauchi side, he added that the state does not expect only security agencies to tackle this problem.

“It will be expected that we will continue to profile whoever is coming into the state. I can tell you that some people coming into the state come in with weapons, and it is the profiling that will help us stem that kind of problem,” he said.

Before now, Bauchi has remained relatively peaceful.

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