4 crazy fashion trends that rocked 2015

Ogunfowoke Adeniyi
Travel/Technology Writer

The prevailing fashion trend in Nigeria is flamboyant, stylish and glam. Fashionistas take all necessary measures to look sophisticated even though they have to go overboard sometimes. This fierce fashion onslaught has led to the innovation of all sorts of alluring and glamorous fashion trends some of which are extremely sensual. If any of this insatiable fashion craze was displayed in the past, it will be frowned at. Of course, youths are avant-garde as get exposed daily to western culture and embrace western values which is always at odds with the conservative virtues of morality and decency in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, these fashion trends are perceived as a symbol of sexiness in total disregard for the statement, “You dress the way you want to be addressed.”

Without singling out any gender, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identify some of these fashion trends that will be unacceptable in the 80s’. Besides, you should not travel to your country home adorning any of these fashion vogues.


Ripped Jeans

Whatever you call it ripped, slashed or distressed  jeans, it is in vogue. You observe men and women adorning these jeans on the streets of Lagos with pride. The fever is catching on. But, if you dare attempt to adorn such clothing in the past wherever you go, they will consider the wearer ‘mad’. Even the disgustful facade they will give will probably embarrass you. Today, you can get away with this.


Those who sag are prison inmates in the United states of America. Despite this distasteful history of sagging, many fashionistas have embraced it. It is now common to see artists, celebrities and young Nigerians sag their trousers. Sagging is positioning your trousers below the waistline to show off your undies. You can only imagine what you will see when a woman sags!

Latest Lace And Ankara in Nigeria Fashion

Mini Skirt

It was common in the past for women to wear a skirt that are above their knees. This style may not be attractive but it was more of morality than fashion. This may be the reason why they do not sport trousers. But, fashion changed everything…. welcome to the world of Mini Skirts! The mini skirt is usually above the knee. ‘The shorter, the sexier.’ But some women take it too far as it becomes provocative.

Creative hair styling

Gone are the days when you simply cut or plait your hair in a conventional and reserve style. Absolutely at odds with the past, many people  manipulate their hair in various exciting ways. For the men, they can draw various patterns on their heads and for the women they can plait a particular section while leaving other parts. Don’t be surprised, It is creativity at its best!