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Eko City Media

…Bringing you the best of Lagos

Our media outfit brings the best of Lagos to your fingertips. From news, to the beautiful cultures embedded in the city, to its inspiring and diligent residents, their fashion, lifestyle, experiences, Eko City takes you on an amazing thrill of discoveries.


Lagos is a metropolitan city with over seventeen million residents from all over the world. In this amazing city, people from different cultures dwells in. Consequently, there are endless and unique events, talents, and discoveries in the city. As an organisation that is in awe of the people and its city, we are committed to showcasing the events, politics, sports, stories, achievements, and incredible talents embedded in the metropolis, thereby, keeping the world abreast of everyday experiences.


Because we love what we do and we have the people in our hearts always, we seek to give a voice to all Lagosians, sharing the people’s success stories/ achievements to the world.
Knowledge is power, thus, we strive to continually empower the world through constant information and verified truths.
Culture is tied to its people, consequently, we seek to help in the preservation and sustenance of the Nigerian beliefs.
Ultimately, contributing to the world positivity through our amazing discoveries is a win we love to see.


Bringing the best of Lagos to the world, we have the Eko City Magazine, The Eko City Radio, and Eko City Television. All our publications are accessible and available to all individuals irrespective of culture, age, gender, or nationality.