It is a globally accepted and experimental truth that the most constant thing in life is change.  However, there was a time when the riches and wealth were measured by the number of women a man married, even if he couldn’t sufficiently feed them. Once upon a time, cowry was the legal tender, and the highest denomination was measured by size.  
In the same way, our forefathers had ways of enjoying their lives without technological discoveries. 

They had no pressing iron, but they created matcher (oolu). Matches was not available, but they were intelligent enough to discover that the sparkling of two male stones could ignite. 
There were no clocks and wrist watches then, yet they were able to get accurate time with the rotation of the galaxy(oorun). So, all those pre-civilised ways of life are today knowns as primitive because there are easier and faster ways of handling such now.

Alaafin stool as a case study. The first Alaafin ever to speak, read, write, and understand English language is the late Alaafin Oba Adeyemi the 3rd. None of the previous Alaafin’s could identify a capital letter, even as big as cocoa house in Ibadan. 

For Oba Adeyemi to take Oyo this far from 1970 till now in terms of cultural heritage preservation, the new Alaafin must look beyond that,let me give you another example of change. In the 16th century, the position of Aare Ona Kakanfo(generalisimo) was established to protect the Supreme Oyo Dynasty from external aggressions. So, that’s why the generalisimo is a powerful title. Aare is always ready for war anyday, anytime. 
But look at the intervention of change now. Change has converted physical war to intellectual war. No one has time to wage war against Oyo. The Kiriji war can never repeat itself. Ife and Modakeke are now united. The only responsibility of the current Aare is to advise government on security and make sure Yorubas are protected anywhere. So, this is now an intellectual battle.


The same thing applies to the incoming Alaafin. The unification of Yorubas worldwide has a lot to do with Alaafin and that’s why selecting a new monarch must be carefully handled. 
2021 statistics shows that the population of Yorubas is about 55million which is a very huge figure and enough to carve out about five countries.
The population of some countries in Europe and Asia are less than 5 million and they are doing very fantastic in terms of development and the economy even more than Nigeria as a nation. 
We have Yorubas in Benin 1.6MBrazil 80MGhana 558,000Togo 359,000United States 197,000 Ivory Coast 127,000United Kingdom 102,000Niger 81,000Burkina Faso 77,000Equatorial Guinea 66,000Italy 57,000Canada 26,305Liberia 25,000Gambia 12,000Ireland 10,100Sierra Leone 6,600Greece 5,200Australia 2,000


Don’t let us be convinced by any doctored figure of Yoruba population. The population of Yorubas around the world is over 300m. And the research made it known that Yorubas have the highest number of successful business sons and daughters in Africa. So, what the new Alaafin is landing on the table is very important. His capacity and pedigree also matter because no serious investor deals with novices. Oyo is way back behind her supposed development status. 
We don’t need a seniority claiming monarch now. Of course, Alaafin must be intimidatingly vocal, culturally rich, fearful and a warrior-minded person. when I say warrior, Alaafin must be a defender of Yorubas anytime. However, we need a development-focused king.  No human being is superior to another.

We all came from dust which we shall someday return. The hunger and hardship have converted well trained young ladies to clitocurency spenders, and the young men are now thugs. 
We need a mentally and intellectually developed Alaafin. Not any cerebral palsy candidate selected by electroconvulsive therapy patients because of insufficient, ill-gotten and fake promised amount of money.

Countless graduates are wandering around due to lack of jobs. I have read a lot via newspapers and social media mechanisms where people claimed to have done so much in developing Oyo. I am wondering what exactly they have done when the graduates are still jobless. A development attracting king is what Oyo needs the most.
The number of the wealthiest Yorubas can never be complete without mentioning Oyo indigens. We have golden sons and daughters domiciled outside Oyo particularly in Lagos. They are all intercontinentally connected and will be ready to work if a cool-headed candidate is chosen as the new Alaafin. 
There are countless Oyo indigens in the oil and gas sector, manufacturing, real estate, telecoms, maritime industry who are willing to work with the new Alaafin if the selection is free and fair.  There is no state in the west Alaafin will show up with a very good proposal where investors and governments will not listen. It’s not magic. If any government sees a good and unselfish proposal, they will listen because every good leader need growth. That’s why the new Alaafin must not be only a party goer but must be intelligent and receptive so that investors would be free to walk into the palace for presentation.
If by a manipulated process a wrong candidate is installed, we will all bear the consequences, and no one will spend his hard-earned funds on any litigation. But the victims of such situations (the youths) will never forgive those behind the scenario.
This could be the first advice and might as well be the last. Many more will have to suffer, few ones will have to rise, don’t ask me why. The end.

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