There can never be History without Events, that I know for sure. Even the most sacred books {Qurhan and Bible} are full of histories.
It was Prophet Muhammad PBH that came with the holy Quran where God narrated the unabridged histories of all his generations to him as the last prophet. So, no one can tell a new story of life more than the Almighty’s version.

In the case of Oyo, I am a son of history and no one can tell me the uncomprehensive and blindfolding history of my lineage just to manipulate the proces of selection.
I am a biological grandson of the great Alaafin Siyanbola Oladigbolu and son of Prince Azeez Akano abubakar Siyanbola Oladigbolu, Omo Oyaba Omowe {one and only son of Ayaba Omowe}.

My father was about eleven years when his father, Alaafin Siyanbola Oladigbolu joined his ancestors in December 19, 1944. He (my father) died 15th January, 2007. So, no one should be carried away with my age without verifying the authenticity of the verifiable history am telling.


Go and peruse the book produced by archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu (GBWH) titled The History of ALAAFIN LADIGBOLU. Check page 12 – 13 where the biological children of Alafin Siyanbola Oladigbolu are listed. My father’s name is written in Number 28 as (LASISI GBORO). The majority of Alaafin Oladigbolu’s children were in their 50s as at 1944 when he died, while my father was eleven years being the one and only son of one of the youngest Oloris .That’s why you could see some octogenarians, septuagenarians and sexagenarians who are still grandsons and great grandsons. Imagine a man with so many children who died as octogenarian about 80 years ago having a grandsons who is 37 years old now. That’s a reflection of nature for you. So, no one should be surprised. I am a product of the last energy of the late Alaafin Abubakar Akanbi Siyanbola Onikepe Oladigbolu, and that is the reason I have the shortest history of how I am related to the stool of Alaafin. Unlike searching for a needle inside the Atlantic Ocean.

After the demise of Alaafin Oladigbolu in 1944, my father was one of the most neglected sons of Alaafin Abubakar Akanbi Siyanbola Oladigbolu.
Having established my ancestry, I can boldly say that there’s nothing I am not fully aware of in terms of criteria to the stool of ALAAFIN. Oyomesi are there fully to perfect their perfection, so any other person’s version of untraceable history will not be listened to. However, I don’t know why in the 21st-century, people are still paddling their canoes toward primitive jetty without looking at the difference between the wisdom of King Solomon and the lengthy age of Methuselah. As young as I am, I have been planning for the stool since I was 20 years and I have been fed with undeniably histories of how Oyo kingship is been handled right from infancy by my father. However, my father never told me I should hand over my profile to anyone. All he told me was when ever the Alaafin stool is vacant, I should take my profile to BABA-IYAJI which I just did. So, if there’s anyone who feels he is more Oladigbolu than me, he or she should come out and challenge the BLUEBLOOD.

The three most important criteria to the stool of Alaafin are:1, As a prince who intends to become Alaafin, your father must not be alive because no one dares call himself Alaafin’s father. (Eni kan kii je baba oba L’oyo Alaafin). 2, You must be of good character and, 3, You must come from any of the ruling houses.

Apart from these major criteria, other things are left to Oyomesi and the grandmaster of traditional research (the ORACLE) . No one has a right to collate a list of other branches of the family and conduct any semi screening before sending their names to Baba-Iyaji, and I challenge anyone to debunk this information.

The tradition stipulates that all the contenders should submit their names to Baba-Iyaji. No one else is allowed to to do so apart from Oyomesi. Any Ideology of promoting some contenders by saying they are the best without looking into other’s profiles is like bragging that your father has the biggest farm without visiting other’s farms.

I am highly westernised and can never go against the laid down protocol of supreme Oyo dynasty kinship procedures. My profile has been officially submitted to the traditionally nominated chief (Baba-Iyaji) as the collation officer and I have no regret or apology for doing so.

I was born in the computer age and if I eventually emerg as the new Alaafin, I will embrace culture and tradition to the core and also introduce some westernised agender.
So no one should underate my capabilities to carry the heavy load as a representative of Yoruba culture and tradition. Age is just a number that has nothing to do with wisdom.

The world has changed from primitivism to E-world. So, as far as am concerned, age is the only natural measure of seniority in life, and that’s why youths must respect their elders if they want to leave long too. But that doesn’t mean that age should be used as the criterion for the stool of wisdom and knowledge.

Let me give you example of universal great leaders who attained the office of authority at their youthful age and did so well beyond people’s imaginations. In short, for the past 600 years, there is no single universally-recognized great person who attained their office of authority in their late 30s. Nor is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that the late Alaafin Adeyemi the 3rd became Alaafin at the age of 32 years. Did he not try his best in promoting the Yoruba culture and tradition?

According to biblical tradition (and some say myth), King Solomon was the third and last king in the ancient United Kingdom of Israel. Other faiths, such as Islam and Rastafarianism, also embrace the notion of Solomon as a sagacious king and powerful prophet of Israel. He was renowned for his wisdom, his prolific writings, and his building accomplishments. Born around 1010 BCE, Solomon was the tenth son of King David (the second king of ancient united Israel) and the second son of Bathsheba. Like King Saul and King David, King Solomon reigned for 40 years in one of the highest and most prosperous periods in Israel’s history – called by many, “The Golden Age” of Israel.

During his reign, Solomon controlled the trade routes coming out of Edom, Arabia, India, Africa, and Judea. He constructed an elaborate and profitable web of alliances (cemented by an enormous assemblage of hundreds of wives and concubines), and built the first Temple of God in Jerusalem, which was destroyed (along with the entire city of Jerusalem) by the Babylonians in 586 BCE.

Despite initial sovereign successes, the end of Solomon’s rule was marked by several insurrections and attacks from both foreign and domestic enemies, as well as a disintegration of national and religious integrity because of cultural appeasements within Israel, which compromised and weakened the social fabric of the United Isreal. He died in 931 BCE at age 80, possibly the most prosperous and productive king ever to rule over Israel.

Swati III, Ingwenyama became King of Swaziland, on 25 April 1986 at the age of 18, thus, becoming the verifiably youngest ruling monarch in the world in 1986. Go to Swaziland and see what his intervention in terms of development looks like.

Sundiata Keita, who died in 1255 was the king who founded the Western Sudanese that was part of the empire of Mali. He became king in his 20s and performed well beyond the imagination of his elders.

I don’t compare myself to these greats, but you can never tell how the story of a man will end. After my primary education at St Mary, Asogo, Oyo, I moved to Anglican Methodist Secondary School Ajagba Oyo, but was transferred to Islamic Comprehensive High School Olope, Ibadan when I was in SS2, where I eventually concluded my secondary school in 2004.
I later went to Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Victoria Island Lagos, before proceeding to Regional Maritime University, Accra Ghana. Then, I began to sail around the Atlantic Ocean after (IT) MT Malabo in 2008 and MT Malabo again, between 2009 and 2011.

My foray into the private sector in 2011, was through my first company, Royal Colony Limited, a real estate development company. Now, I am the chairman, board of directors of eight companies, which include, Royal Colony Limited, Royal Colony Integrated, Alkhafiz Energy Limited, Oceantrack holdings limited, Captain Black Heavy-duty/Dredging, Afcom Media Limited, Atlantic FM and Atlantic Times. Since I am determined to keep moving, the sky is a connecting point.

Sonni Alī {Alī the Great, died 1492}, was also a monarch who initiated the imperial expansion of the Western Sudanese kingdom of Songhai. His conquest of the leading Sudanese trading cities established the basis for Songhai’s future prosperity and expansion.
When Sonni Alī ascended the Songhai throne in 1464, the kingdom comprised only a small area in the upper Niger valley around its capital, the prosperous trading city of Gao. But look at what he did as a monarch during the pre-colonial political system. It’s not by age, but by being fully ready to serve the people and having something substantial to offer. I have already spoken with over 30 companies that I won’t mention yet . They are into productions and are fully ready to establish their business in Oyo if I become the new ALAAFIN. What Oyo indigenes need most is development, not only a gorgeously dressed king with countless exotic cars who only attends ceremonies. We need developments and jobs. Countless university graduates have became motorcycle riders. That has to stop!

Only Ota town area of Ogun state has over 40 factories. I am not talking about Ogun state generally, only Ota. If 75 % of Lagosians and West’s Daily consumptions comes from Ota, what stops Oyo from doing the same with its available land mass? Absolutely nothing.

I am giving all these references to reaffirm my capacity to carry the heavy load and transform Oyo from a rural area to an urban area If chosen as the next Alaafin.

No head of the family has a right to screen or to disqualify any one of the interested princes except Oyomesi (the kingmakers). Any ideology of marketing strategies and promotion in support of any contender without seeing the profile of others is like Binta and friends TV Drama.

We are all westernised and are all technocrats. The only responsibility of the head of the families is to confirm the membership of each contender. They are not to screen any contenders no matter their numbers, nor to disqualify them be he a bricklayer or a local plumber. What matters is been a member of the royal family. I challenge anyone to debunk the realistic history I have just told.

Though we are from the same family, I am verifiably the biological grandson son of ALAAFIN ABUBAKAR AKANBI SIYANBOLA ONIKEPE OLADIGBOLU.
I can’t allow anyone to screen me apart from Oyomesi. Let only almighty God and Oyomesi determine my fate.
A class captain can’t be appointed to mark the examination sheets of the whole class.

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